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    Personal Map Ideas

           This form was created for people who would like to post their map ideas or check out other peoples ideas.

      When posting a map please give some decent info on the map like so:

      - Describe the map a bit.

      - Are there any serious dynamic elements?

      - How large is the map?

      And if you're replying to some ones idea don't be a jerk about it.


      Le my idea:


      - Inferno


      A average sized, abandoned town on the side of a mountain, the battle takes place in a large intersection. Many vehicles are piled up around the centre of the intersection creating a very good place to have a close quarter firefight. Many buildings are on each side of the street many accessible, these range from shops like bakeries, toy shops and other buildings. On each side of the map there is a building which can be used to watch over a majority of the map-but each sniper tower faces each other so they can see and shoot at each other. Did I mention the fire because the there is a pretty large fire at the start of the map going through one of the stores (The fire causes effects to any player that comes near enough like: damage, slightly blurred vision and slowing down the players actions). This slowly begins to start spreading through the map and will begin destroying the map by crushing the roofs onto players. A few minutes before the match ends the largest building in the town will topple over onto the middle of the map where there will be a few entrances like holes in walls, it also will be very dark inside and pretty compact-though there would be camping the building would be very destructible and you can crush them easily.

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          Highly unlikely that IW would ever use a map created by a non employee. Plus there is no forge so custom map ideas are sort of pointless.

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                   I believe IW needs to make more maps or take a few suggestions from the community because Ghosts is suppose to have a total of 14 initial maps while Battlefield 4 has 10 initial maps.

              You see Ghosts most likely will have 14 smallish to medium sized maps with a bit of dynamic stuff here and there.

              Battlefield 4 will have 10 MASSIVE maps with a ton of stuff that you can interact with (Like closing garage doors for cover, shooting a power circuit and cutting off the power to that building).


              Quite frankly, Stonehaven is the only map out the ones I've seen that truly impress me.

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                  IW does not need to do anything from the players if they dont really want too. they make the game they decide what is in it. But yes they may take some suggestions and consider it. But on the average what players may think is good maps may not work with how ghosts is being designed.


                  CoD will never have MASSIVE maps in it ever. For that is not how Cod is played. The age of WaW sized maps is mostly over and now maps like stonehaven will probably be the biggest seen in CoD anymore.

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                           I believe they do not that they need to. Battlefield almost has the same amount of maps and they're absolutely filled with stuff to interact with the map. Ghosts will have somewhat small maps with a little bit of dynamic stuff in it. What I'm saying is that if Battlefield has insane maps with almost the same amount of maps as Ghosts, Ghosts should have more maps than what it does.

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                          Again not really required for BF and Cod play completely different so dont need the same number or types of maps.

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                                   I know that they play differently, what I'm saying is that 10 big maps is better than 14 small maps.

                              Battlefield puts a ton of work into their maps where COD makes small to medium sized maps, since Ghosts maps are smaller they should either be BETTER or there should be MORE. I'm also not saying Ghosts should have massive maps like Battlefield.

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                                  10 big maps are not necessarily better than 14 smaller maps. Having more to do on each map does not make it better overall when playing a fps game. And just because there is less does not mean they have to include even more maps to make up the difference.


                                  So no they do not need to make more or else add more to do on each map. This game is not trying to be like BF nor should it ever.

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                              No they are smaller then that map too they are getting to barrel sized arena maps .