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        20. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

        Sounds good to me.

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          21. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

          You need to know how to move with the shotgun class, you can't treat it as a AR or SMG or LMG you need two things with the shottys: Proximity and timing, both are not easy to obtain vs decent players.

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            22. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

            So let me get this straight getting in into close range engagements you think takes the most skill out of anything else gun related? You don't even needed to aim dead center on the guy. You don't need to even ADS or compensate for gun kick with a Remington. You just make sure the enemy is in the giant circle of spreed in front of your screen and hit the fire button while staying in close range area. How does that take the most skill? Everyone else who is aiming better then you losses I don't get whats so hard to do about that and these other people are talking about brain power?

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              23. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

              Shotguns still take more skill than using ARs and SMGs with unlimited range that suffer barely any damage drop off and often copious amounts of ammo.  You don't even have to think about picking your fights with SMGs and ARs because there are always perks and attachments that can overcome any shortcomings, e.g. Quickdraw, Dexterity etc.  Not sure what's difficulty to understand about that.  If you're that bothered about skill, play Gears online because all my COD pubstomping friends have tried playing that and got their asses handed to them.  Same goes for CS on the PC.

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                24. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                They are in no way OP.


                First of all, I probably get more hit markers than actual kills with them.


                Second, if you're playing a decent player, you're getting nowhere near them. You can't use a Remington against decent players on Carrier or Drone or Overflow.


                Third, it's range is shorter than my wingspan. If you see me first and let me get that close, you were outplayed. If I'm behind you, you were outplayed.

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                  25. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                  The fact that you're still playing terrible maps like Drone, Overflow, etc. with less than a month til' the new game amuses me.


                  On topic; I really only play competitive, but shotguns can be a hassle but can also be a necessary flow of things.


                  The only thing that really bites sometimes is KSG LB. Everyone knows people will just snipe you across a hall with that, hahaha.

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                    26. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                    Did you just say SMGs had unlimited range? Everything you say from that point on is irrelevant.

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                      27. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                      Somehow, I get put it lobbies with people who choose those maps. Obviously when I play League I don't play them. My point was that on some maps you can't use it, meaning it can't be OP.


                      Also, technically speaking, SMG's do have unlimited range. It's just that with recoil, lack of an optic, and the damage over range compared to AR's, they're inferior. But every class other than shotguns have bullets with unlimited range.

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                        28. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                        What distances do the bullets of the SMGs do 0 damage then?  Do tell.

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                          29. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                          Let me see,


                          Do SMG bullets suffer from gravity and fall into the floor or vanish into thing air: NO.


                          Do SMG bullets travel in a straight line forever until they hit something even if its at their minimum damage value: yes.


                          Conclusion: they have unlimited range, I believe what you just said is false and therefore irrelevant.

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