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        50. Re: Girl gamers on Black Ops 2 make me competitive, haha.

        I have a few friends on XbL that are girls and they do not care about what people say to them on live.

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          51. Re: Girl gamers on Black Ops 2 make me competitive, haha.


          i get in lobbies filled with girl gamers and im fine with that.

          but the occasional girl gamer that comes into the lobby and is like oh hey guys im a girl can you go easy on me? i wont ever go easy on anyone.

          girl, guy.

          cant care less if your good your good but if your bad your simply bad.

          ive seen enough girl gamers that were close to my skill level or even kicked my ass entirely.

          but its just that people get like omfg a girl gamer omg and then go follow her ingame and hinder the whole teams progress because they see it all the time on KYR speedy.


          but also there a girl only clans and then im thinking like girls usualy want to be threated equal but why make a girl only clan.

          why not mix yourself into a clan of guys.


          i just dont understand that but heck there are multiple girls in my clan right now but they never have their mic plugged in for some reason.

          even though no one in the clan is like GIIIIRRRRLLLLL orsomething of the sort.

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            52. Re: Girl gamers on Black Ops 2 make me competitive, haha.

            This is a Great and Detailed Post, Just wanted to say firstoff. And Yes I have been seeing more girl players on CoD4:MW I know this was for Black Ops 2 But, I wanted to tell you guys that i have saw like from 10 to maybe 20 girls playing CoD4:MW And MW2-3. I haven't really played much of black ops 2's multiplayer but im going to start playing more now that i beat campaign, But i've only saw about 2 since the last time i've played mp i know its probably waaayyy bigger now, But just sharing

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              53. Re: Girl gamers on Black Ops 2 make me competitive, haha.

              Cool thread.


              I just dislike when girls enter a lobby and everyone SERIOUSLY freaks out, or tries to disrespect them. I'll joke sometimes to be friendly, but I don't really treat anyone different than another. That's how it should be.


              It astounds me the number of male players trying to get a girl in a lobby, it's just hilarious lol.

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                54. Re: Girl gamers on Black Ops 2 make me competitive, haha.

                Well thats the complete opposite for me, first time i ran into a girl gamer she seemed nice at first, pretty voice, someone you could just walk up to and say hi, until she got mad at this guy who said "oh no its a girl everyone get your dicks out" she started ******** about how girls and treated badly on videos games and how they are the best and men just talk **** beacuse they are bad at the game. She was going 12-35 by the end of the match and then said to her "***** kill your self, we have the same right to be on this game as you so shove it up your ass and play the god damn game" then she left...

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