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      • 40. Re: Any high speed users feel ripped off?

        some tvs have that not all do it depends upon the age of the tv and that really only effects tv aka visual lag and not over all lag.

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          Maybe COD is not the game to play for your online gaming, choose another amongst the thousand available games since you've been "ripped" of since MW3.

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            Minimum Internet Speed

            The minimum internet speed required for playing with XBox One or Xbox 360 is at least 1mbps download speed and 200 kbps upload speed for Xbox Live. Due notice that this is the very minimum speed required.

            Maybe even more important than your internet speed is the latency

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              You are the one who is truly clueless. The game has been running on dedicated servers (choopa) from gamerservers.net for 2 and half months now on most game types for those of us in the US. I have traffic shaping tools that show the host origin and its IP address. Shows you do not have half the knowledge you think you do. Really makes everything you talk about irrelevant.

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                Never said it adds lag to my connection. Just puts a bad time stamp on my game in comparison with server time when high ping players are present. Another person that seems to not have a clue.

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                  Console gaming is no different than PC gaming in its ability differentiate pings and provide time stamps to a server. Another untrue remark by someone that does not know what they are talking about. Only think the console does differently is limit your downloads to 2 mbps  which is plenty to play an online game.

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                    It does not limit your download it never used it all to begin with for games. When using other apps that stream music or video it does not just use 2mbps. So really you have no clue it seems to how the console works.


                    It is not arbitrarily adding any time stamp to put your behind any other player just because your connection is better.

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                      It is not running on dedi's for everyone everywhere. I still see host migrations and games ended by dashboards.

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                        You should research your router and see how to limit your speed for your consul.  Worked wonders for me. 

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                          No, not at all.


                          I have good internet through Charter. It is around 15Megs on average and 2 Megs upload, typically.  I don't understand where people are getting 100 Mb speeds... unless you are running a conduit straight from the Collocation to your house I don't see it working all that well.


                          Fact is, telecoms are selling these crazy packages to people for high monetary value so they can say they run X Speeds. The fact of the matter is.. if you aren't running a server farm out of your house... YOU DON'T NEED THAT MUCH SPEED. Especially using the equipment that is out there. Sure you may get higher speeds, but you may also get more noise on that line. So, would you rather have speed... or quality?


                          A Dedicated T1 runs at 1.54Mb. And because it is a straight shot does so beautifully and uploads at the same speed. I used to work in the repair department at a major ISP. People would call complaining about how their internet was running. I'd pull them up and they'd have crazy high speeds. I would adjust their connection, which would lower their speed but also decrease the amount of errors. The speed would drop, but they would see the performance and quality increase. Less drops, ultimately faster uploads/downloads, and better quality gaming.


                          The game isn't limiting you... your connection is. The game runs at the same speed for everyone, this has been proven. The quality of one's connection is truly the deciding factor. People make fun of DSL, but a well tuned DSL connection can adequately perform all the tasks the average household needs, including online gaming.

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