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        10. Re: Encouraging Accuracy?

        Yeah... I think you and Old_Tymer have made a better suggestion than I did.  Certainly that would give the upper hand to the guy consistently hitting centre-mass

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          11. Re: Encouraging Accuracy?

          I posted a previous post "Realism" along the same line of reasoning. A head shot (excepting range and/or weapon type - e.g. long range pistol) should be one shot kill; limb shots should slow/deter movement; while torso shots should result in slowing and result in gradual "bleed out". I got pretty much the same type of response. Most people appear to be happy with a run-and-gun arcade game.

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            12. Re: Encouraging Accuracy?

            none chest/head shots should do less damadge then normal shots.


            if htere is a sniper that OHK's from the theigh up, then there is a issue, and it sounds like a preview to MW3/MW2 quickscoping issues. recent news has not been good for htis game.

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              13. Re: Encouraging Accuracy?

              That's exactly my point, there isn't a whole lot of focus on needing to be accurate when you can fire an SMG at 1200rpm into someone's leg and they'll die in a split second.  Don't get me wrong, I've no problem with how the game plays, just had a notion in my head and wanted to see what the community at large felt.  Not sure why you think I'm bashing quickscoping though - check out some of my posts in the many QS threads and you'll see nothing could be further from the truth

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                14. Re: Encouraging Accuracy?

                I'm more than happy with the run n gun style and not looking to make the game super-realistic - there are other games out there that fit that bill more closely and, though I enjoy playing those games too, it's the fast, simple fun of CoD that keeps me coming back for more.  Just thought there might be a way to reward and encourage players to develop their accuracy

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                  15. Re: Encouraging Accuracy?

                  They'll complain about that anyway

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                    16. Re: Encouraging Accuracy?

                    Nah I was just saying the anti-quickscopers haven't given it a rest yet they just keep going I bet if they ended quickscoping they would target another play style until that got removed lol. As for accuracy I miss MW2 because every gun had a chest shot damage multiplier rather then just a head shot one it encouraged people to aim for the chest. Now it's only the snipers that have chest damage multipliers you don't even have to aim let alone flank with a shotgun anymore because how easy they have become. No gun is accuracy dependent let alone encouraging accuracy so it's become a huge problem.

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                      17. Re: Encouraging Accuracy?

                      Running n Gunning hasn't existed since Black Ops 1 with the removal of infinite sprint being removed in MW3 it's all rushing now. If you meant running and gunning literally well that has never been in Call of Duty cause you can't shoot while sprinting lol.

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                        18. Re: Encouraging Accuracy?

                        I would have said the Ballista iron-sights is massively accuracy dependent, along with the Ballistic Knife, but how rare are they to see.

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                          19. Re: Encouraging Accuracy?

                          we're just talking symantics, run-n-gun, rushing.... it's the same meaning - kind of like hardscoping and proper sniping

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