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    Forum Activity = Game Success

      In past iterations of COD the forums would be lit up with much more activity by now. Is the lack of forum activity in COD: Ghosts indicative of how well the game is going to do?

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          forums and social media go through swings, when something new is announced there is alot of activity, when there hasn't been anything for awhile less so.

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            The forums in the run up to MW2 and BO1 were insane with activity and ever since then the forums have been in severe decline and there hasn't been any major activity on ghosts forum at any point. I think its two things people do not get excited for another COD title any more and info about the game is more accessible with YT and sites like Charlie Intel and if you want to complain or suggest something people just tweet it to devs and their followers to have a discussion.

            I don't think it will make much difference to the sales of the game though it will sell less than previous games I'm sure of that and the franchise will be become less popular by the year and will die as soon as another arcade FPS that is easy to play comes on the market as most people I speak to are fed up of the crap they put out every year but there is no other game like COD at the moment so they are stuck with it.


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              The BO2 forums were flooded as were the MW2 and BO games right as they are released. This forum will be flooded with randoms who show up, complain and leave and never return, others stick around more get banned from this site.

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                Not at all. There hasnt been any new info for a month now, so there is nothing to talk about.

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                  I think popularity (just buzz right now) is just one of many factors affecting forum activity.


                  I always thought, but never had the chance to articulate, that activity is hindered in these forums by long time forum regulars habitually criticizing and ganging up on new posters.


                  For those who aren't regulars here, the forum is seen, whether correctly or not, by some as a way to communicate to the Devs as well a desire to discuss the issue with which they're concerned.


                  No doubt there are drive-by complainers, but many are potential members who might turn out to contribute fresh perspectives. 


                  Lets not discourage these guys by giving them an impression that this forum is full of bullies.  Otherwise, this forum will be reduced to the few regulars who only habitually philosophize on the same issues. 

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                    Not exactly the truth. High forum activity does not mean game success for it could be nothing but complaints about the game and how it does not work how one player wants it too.