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    No PSN Download?

      I've Been eyeing this game for a while and was going to purchase this game when the xbox version came out on 08/28/2013 thinking it was going to be released at the same time with the PS3 version. But The PS3 version is coming out 09/24/2013. It is now 09/26/2013 and there is Still NO download feature on PSN.

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          Hi there, Tekkablade12!

          Please go ahead and check back now; As the download was announced to be released today, 9/26, the next DLC pack for PSN just started rolling out (approximately at 10am PST). Also, if you're unable to access the download on PSN, please let us know straight away, along with where you are contacting us from.

          Thank you!


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              It is 09/29/13 and checked PSN again after reading the reply

              I Tried many different things trying to Find the game:


              1. I went to the Search bar on the top left corner of the PSN store and typed in "Out of the Shadows".

                Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: out of the shadows was 2nd on the list.

                As I click on it, there is no "Download now" feature or "try Demo trial".

                It just simply says: Overview,1theme,5 avatars,&5videos. Nothing that hinting there was going to be a download..

              2. I then check "hot on PS3" tab on the left (thinking hey its a new game maybe its hot), Nothing. No Download

              3. I then Checked Playstation Plus. Nothing. no Download.

              4. I clicked "New On PS3"> Hot New Arrivals. Nothing. no Download

                                                         >All new Releases. nothing. no Download

              5. Coming soon tab> Nothing. no Download

              6. I then went to "PS3 Full Games" Nothing. no Download

              7. I then went to "PSN games" (I looked extra Extra EXTRA hard here...) NOTHING. NO DOWNLOAD

              8. I checked "free-toPlay" games. Nothing

              9. I went to "Ps3 games"> all Ps3 games. NOTHING

              10. I went to "PS3 demos"> all PS3 demos. NOTHING


              I Have spent over 2 hours searching for this game that was said that was released on 9/26 from the reply

              The Reply was: Please go ahead and check back now; As the download was announced to be released today, 9/26,"

              I was asked where am I contacting from? I am not sure if this answers any questions but I am living in the United States, California and my Internet is Very good.


              --I am very Displeased for the False advertising.

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                  Hi Tekkablade12, please pardon the confusion on my part; we do not have the date of arrival of the PS3 TMNT, as our teams are working on finalizing certain additions to help ensure that players enjoy the title. We understand this postponement is frustrating, and thank you for your continued patience; apologies for the delay in release.