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    League play host booter screwed up my internet for hours!

      So in a hardpoint league play game we were up 215-40 and one of our players timed out then another and all that was left was another teammate and I. So here comes my turn to get host booted. I start lagging and my teammate and I are holding down the hardpoint 2 vs 4. then as the score goes 247-65, the connection interrupted graphic pops up and stays permanently until I am kicked when all we needed was 3 more seconds for the victory!


      Well I am obviously pissed but shrug it off because its happened about a dozen times to me this season. This time I cannot reconnect for 3 hours after this occured. After trying everything I can think of to resolve this(im not very tech savvy)I call the tech support for my router and they said I received a huge overload through my router at the same time I was kicked from my league match.


      Was wondering if anyone has experienced this?!