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    Character Customization Info Please

      Character customization is one of the main reasons why I am getting this game. But does anyone here know exactly how much customization there will be? I know the Devs said there are  20,000 combinations, but I am really big on choosing what your character wears like types of helmets, backpacks, boots, radio and other equipment that soldiers carry. Does anyone know if there will be anything like that or will it really just be choosing stuff like camo, head shapes, and emblem and the rest will be just determined by the weapon you are using like it is in all the other call of dutys?

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          Re: Character Customization Info Please

          Don't get your hopes up.


          From what I have seen, you can only choose between pre-set clothing, helmets and stuff. Also 20,000 combinations aren't really that many.


          20,000 = 4 Categories (for example, Head, Body, Shoes, etc.), 10 Items in each, available for male and female chars.

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            Re: Character Customization Info Please

            All of the customization is important and valuable to those that use it.   It all counts so don't underestimate the customization.   This is still A LOT better than just 100% preset or random soldiers.



            There's a significant amount of character customization in this, which is a leap forward, really.     And they can expand upon it further in every new COD from here on. 


            More important than clothing, wonder what kinds of faces/hairstyles per race/ethnicity are choosable,  that stuff is more important customization than types of visible clothes/gear worn.  

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                Re: Character Customization Info Please

                I guess it is all just a matter of opinion. I can care less about what facial features my soldier has, I just like equipment and uniform customization. The developers can't fully satisfy every fan out there and I understand that. But hopefully my soldier can look like the one on the MW2 cover with just a kevlar helmet, sunglasses and a dust cover around the face.

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