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        I BIood Omen I wrote:


        No one likes playing as him and he has boring and stupid quotes. Put someone from the storyline of black ops like Reznov or Woods:)

        You sir have no HONOR! 

        Leave Takeo, I enjoy playing as him. Seems a little bit more quiet than the rest, especially the loud mouth doctor....which I also enjoy!
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          i think it would be tight to play as woods or mason or even more bad ass as resnov

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            Takeo stinks people. I rather be playing dempsy, richtofen, or nikolai. Watching ballerinas instead that big game on Sunday nights is less depressing and boring then playing as takeo. All hes says is metaphors, stop saying metaphors and get a good catch phrase. Dempsy-oorah, Dr.richtofen- the voices bit, Nickolai- We drink vodka tonight(love that quote), and Takeo-even monkeys fall from trees. Who cares at something being bad sometimes at what their good at.Also, I have NEVER heard of anyone who likes Takeo until now.






                                            Takeo-->  '''''''''''%<--Me  

                                                              +                V

                                                              A                A

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              stfu! his quotes are legendary and funny as $hit especially on shang ri la they are tbh with ya! they wont get rid of him just on your say so unless its completley new characters on black ops 2

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                Excuse me but you cannot take takeo away from zombies. In WAW if you played the campaign, you would have played against the Chinese and the Germans, and you were the Americans, Germans, and the Chinese. They took one from each country and 2 from Germany. They named them Takeo, Dempsey, richtofen and nikolai. You cannot simply take these characters away from the story line. They started talking in zombies when shi-no-numa came out. They have played through the zombies story. I LOVE TAKEO!!!!  He may be stupid with his quotes but he is funny at the right time. they won't replace the originals with new ones in black ops 2. I wonder what the levels are.

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                  No, it needs to be Mason, Hudson, Woods, and Reznov!!!!!

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                    Blood Omen, I understand that there are things in this world that people don't like. But Takeo?!?!?!?!? I can't even wrap my head around that one.

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                      I actually think that the one old guy in the trailer is Woods any way.

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                        every heard the saying no one cares about the asian we sure dont  im not too big on samurai's either but takeo is alright

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                          rich is super funny he has his moments he be screaming lol help!!!

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