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        10. Re: flak jacket is op

        I love it how whenever someone disagrees its because they use it themselves. I dont use Flack jacket at all. Its not op. As long as my gun has bullets in it you will die.  just because your explosives are no longer an insta kill doesnt make them OP. Sorry but thats the exact point of flack jacket is to enable you to survive explosions you otherwise wouldnt. The fact that it takes 2 shows that its working cause if it only took 1 then it would be pointless.

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          11. Re: flak jacket is op

          oh no do not bring QS into this. that is an entirely different subject. but let me elaborate.

          bouncing betty is dodged by crouching(which is actually kinda funny lol)

          claymore dolphin dive or just shoot it...emp whatever u prefer

          rpgs/smaw sometime curves when shot idk why

          c4 like semtex sticks so it actually has to be directed near the target

          frag grenade needs time to cook.

          crossbow needs to hit its target(not really that easy)

          my point being, there is already a number of ways to avoid these explosives. flak jacket does not need to be as strong as it is now imo

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            12. Re: flak jacket is op

            By all means if you think that its fine then so be it.

            This post is not intended to change the mind of others. I asked what the community thinks and I got my answers.

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              13. Re: flak jacket is op

              If the perk is equipped, then yes, it is better to see people live through rpg's as that is a clear indication of it doing what it was meant to do. Using a gun on those encounters isn't a hard thing to do you know.

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                14. Re: flak jacket is op

                this is hilarious. what is the point of flak if it wont do its job? i NEVER use flak. i use lightfoot ghost or blindeye.

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                  15. Re: flak jacket is op

                  So the fact that you can take a endless amount of bullets is okay with no perk required but when you protect yourself from explosives its OP. If anything when you see the hit marker you know they are near death so just turn a shot a single bullet into them, or is that to much?

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                    16. Re: flak jacket is op

                    I think all perk are OP if you think Flak is op then... They should all get removed from the game period, we don't need OP stuff...


                    Light weight : LeLet you move faster than normal : People shouldn't be able to don't hurt when falling from a high place, or run as fast as Superman himself...

                    Flak Jacket : You take less explosive damage, All explosive should 1 hit-kill all the time

                    Blind Eye : AI-controlled air support Scorestreaks can't detect you, well this is unfair for player using AI-controlled Scorestreaks

                    Hardline : Allow you to get bonus points faster, getting high score streaks easier is a no-no...

                    Ghost: Enemy UAV's can't detect you while moving, well this is OP for rushers...


                    Hard Wired : This perk makes you immune to enemy Counter UAV's and EMPs, Isn't unfair someone called a CUAV but YOU can still see the UAV...

                    Scavenger : Allows you to replenish your ammo, equipment and grenades, This is just op, get more grenades... DAMN

                    Cold Blooded : Makes you invisible to enemy targeting systems, Well this isn't just for those using the TF and such LOL

                    Fast Hand : Allows you to swap your weapons faster than normal, well this one isn't OP, let's all use fast hand

                    Toughness : With this perk you flinch less when shot by the enemy, This is op against the Aim Resist that is implemented into the game


                    Dexterity : Makes you climb ladders and mantle over obstacles, People shouldn't be able to climb like super fast

                    Engineer : Allows you to see all enemy equipment glow red through walls, seeing stuff thru walls, you think your an x-men?

                    Dead Silence : Makes you more silent by reducing the sound made by your footsteps, jumps,
                    and falls, Just like fast hand, let's all use this one too

                    Extreme Conditioning : Allows you to sprint 2x longer than normal, normal people need to breath, running around the whole map (depend wish map) without stopping is OP

                    Tactival Mask : Makes you more immune to Flash and Concussion grenades, including Shock Charges, if i pick such equipement, i want em to work, OP

                    Awareness : Makes enemies at least 4x louder than normal, well, let's all take this one too.


                    So yeah, my point? Anything can be OP from someone else perspective, all the perk are there for a reason, you can pick wish you want, they almost all kinda OP in a way, so use Flak, or stop complaint bout it, else they should just remove all other Perks aswell, they are OP to someone in the game

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                      17. Re: flak jacket is op

                      Yup make the game as flat and boring as possible. Its a Arcade FPS it is suppose to have crazy elements and most of the perks are modeled after real but exaggerated equipment.

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                        18. Re: flak jacket is op

                        If there was no FJ, people would be overly using explosives because of Scavenger.  QS shares a similarity with one explosive, and that's the C4 purely because neither is realistic and both question balance for many.  I think the 'saving grace' for dodging Bouncing Betties is too long as anyone who doesn't have abnormally slow reaction times will dodge them.

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                          19. Re: flak jacket is op

                          Both the SMAW and the Crossbow kills FJ users.  I've used the Crossbow myself.

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