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    Shoot First Ask Later-New Clan looking for members. All consoles are welcome.

      Hello my name is Cj aka WillyWooTang,

      I have a new clan name Shoot First Ask Later, I made this clan cause I was always getting shoot down by higher ranking members of other clans on things that I have earned, but other members got them cause they where friends with the higher members.


      So now I have wish to change that here. I do not care of your race, age, gender, where you are from, all that is gone. Its now the members I see are going to be ranked up or down.



      • 17+ (if you can convince me that you are mature enough you can join)
      • keep the cussing to the minimum- Trust I cuss at times we are men/women so its not like we don't. But just don't over do it.
      • if anyone is caught hacking, cheating doing any that is changing the way the game should played


      On the site there is a more detailed version on everything and stuff that I may have missed.

      The Ranking System is on there to.


      The site



      Thanks all gamers for reading this, if you do choose to join awesome but if not luck to you,

      WillyWooTang aka Cj

      Contact me at:


      message me here or the site