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    I can't create a clan

      I keep constantly trying to create a PS3 clan but it keeps giving me errors. When I try to create one on the elite website, it says "This clan name is already taken" but when I search it, there are no results. I even typed a clan name I know no one has and it gave me the same thing! I have my elite account linked with both my PSN and my Xbox and my FB and twitch and twitter accounts. It's linked to everything. If the problem  consisting is because I have it linked to my Xbox and PSN account on the same accounts, then tell me why. Because why would they have that option if it's going to give me errors.

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          Re: I can't create a clan

          Hi Killbook,


          Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you are having an issue with creating a clan.  When creating clan and choosing a name results in it's already in use, you may have to try a more unique clan name.  We'll look into the issue as to why the name does not appear in your search results.  If you like, you can shoot me a DM of the clan name and we'll check.


          Also, what is the specific error message you are receiving when creating a clan.  Are you using the console app when you receive the error message?


          Thanks ^AH

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            Re: I can't create a clan

            If I was a betting man I'd bet that having your account linked to both XBOX and PS3 at the same time is the source of your problem.  It probably doesn't know if you are trying to create a PS3 clan or an XBOX clan.  I'd try unlinking one of them and see if it solves the problem.

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