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    An open letter to Mark Rubin and Infinity Ward

      Dear Mark Rubin and the Infinity Ward team -

      I have just learned some interesting news on the Gameinformer podcast, with regards to the PC version of CoD Ghosts. Although the news was a mixed bag of good and bad, the most interesting and encouraging part was when you stated that there would be more PC support post-launch.  With new features hopefully being added post-release. I am hoping that there is a dedicated PC team, working solely on this version? Tasked with the goal of making the PC version, IW’s premium Ghosts platform? You spoke about graphical features, in particular gaming on a 4k screen. This is the future of PC gaming and a technology yet to be fully developed and explored. And a technology which a console’s hardware will struggle to deliver the processing power required.  Hopefully your partnership with Nvidia will produce some unique PC specific in-game tweaks and features?


      You also spoke about there’s no FOV slider at present. This is sad and quite disturbing really, as having an adjustable FOV is paramount for PC gaming and reflects on the user experience much more greatly than with a console player. There have been many studies conducted, on how a wider FOV enhances the PC player’s experience and how a narrow FOV can affect a players health. This is all down to the distance a player sit’s from the monitor or TV. I would urge you to add this feature as a matter of urgency, as the user experience of PC gamers' will be impacted in a very negative way with a narrow FOV of 65 degree’s. The implications will be adverse with reports of ill health by some players, resulting in the game getting negative press. However the default FOV may be set higher on the PC version? So unless the default is set at say an 80 degree FOV? The game will feel just like any other Call of Duty since CoD 4 – just a ‘port’. Modern Warfare 3 had a default FOV of 65 on all platforms, making the PC version feel just like a ‘port’. Not having a wider FOV was a mistake and made the PC community feel second grade. The narrow FOV made the PC version feel very claustrophobic and at times unplayable, especially after a long gaming session. Please learn from that mistake and do not repeat it – your fans aka the PC community needs your continued support and dedication to improve the game that we all love!

      And finally you mentioned the ‘Holy Grail’ of PC gaming - Mod Tools. As a hardcore PC gamer and a CoD 4 player/fan, this was music to my ears. Cod 4 is still played on a daily basis, by a thriving community of loyal players. I hear there are more people playing CoD 4 than the newest release Black Ops II? This alone speaks volumes on how loved CoD 4 still is and how ground breaking it was when it first launched back in 2007. But why we ask? Well that’s an easy answer for any PC gamer;

      1.     Dedicated servers with a server browser

      2.     Mod tools allowing modded games

      3.     Adjustable settings through the console

      These are just a few of the many features which made CoD 4 the best Call of Duty to-date. A fact corroborated by asking any CoD fan which is their favourite Call of Duty? I have personally played some fantastic modded games and there are many modded servers currently running on-line. Offering some amazing fan made game modes and maps, limited only by the creator’s imagination and the mod tools available to them. It is these modded games and servers which have kept CoD 4 interesting some 6 years after its first release. Will Ghosts still be as popular and have a loyal fan base in 2019? Most likely not as the current regime by Activision is to release a new title each year, which shortens the lifespan of each Call of Duty released.

      If the problem is the funding of the development team, (due to budgetary restraints) in order to create and produce a Mod Tools pack? Then I have a suggestion; why not create a Mod Tools DLC pack? I would be happy to pay a small 'one-off' extra premium to play modded games on dedicated servers. You could have two packs; a gamers’ pack to download the server client and play. And a developer’s pack, with the server client plus the Mod tools added. This Dev’s pack could also include the price of a server rental for 1-3 months or more on top as well? This extra revenue may not cover the entire cost of the project, but it would off-set some of its cost. Making it a more viable project aimed at increasing the games lifespan and fan base. These DLC’s could also include some extras as well? (Camo’s, patches, backgrounds etc).

      There could be a specific section on this community forum, for modders to promote their servers and/or an Elite section to boot. Maybe there could even be some exclusive or unique patches, emblems and calling cards, perhaps created by the fans themselves? What about a monthly completion with the community voting for their favourite ones, which then gets added to the game. This would create a whole new community and fan base, whilst drawing in new players to the platform. FourDeltaOne has already implemented this to a certain extent and a thriving community exists through their hard work and ingenuity. An example Infinity Ward and Activision could emulate and perhaps develop further? These ideas may not be too everyone’s liking, but if it would grease the wheels and give the fans Mod Tools, then please consider it?

      I sincerely hope that you take the time to read this? And hopefully even consider implementing some of these ideas into the game? CoD Ghosts has the potential to become the all-time best seller and fans new all-time favourite, with an extended lifespan yet to be realised. Please consider all of this and enhance the gaming experience of your loyal and growing PC community, as an adventure yet to be fully explored!!!    

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          Re: An open letter to Mark Rubin and Infinity Ward

          Very good post!


          However the issue is that whilst the developers claim to read these forums, it has been blatently clear after MW2 that the developers don't read the forums properly.


          If they really did read the forums then the P2P system would never have been introduced and neither would have the Matchmaking.


          The amount of times that it has been requested for Rentable Ranked Dedicated Servers and the lack of them in the last couple of games just shows how little they look here.


          They have been told countless numbers of times what will make this game a success on the pc again just like the days of COD 4 but they insist on removing things and telling, us that the Matchmaking will stop cheaters and stop lag by grouping us players with players within the same region but it clearly, has not done that since we still get cheaters in the games and we still get players from Europe thrown in to games with America and vice versa.



          It would be nice for them to implement the features that the community is requesting and has been requesting ever since MW2 but they won't because they know, it will mean the game survives longer than the 12 months that they want it to survive and they know that if they release Mod/Mapping tools that the DLC will not sell anywhere near as much as it does now.


          The player numbers have dropped in MW2 from COD 5, they then rose up abit when Black Op's released because of the servers and mod tools, they then dropped again when MW3 released and then dropped when Black Op's 2 released and I expect the numbers to drop again, when Ghost's is released because of the Matchmaking and no server browser or rentable servers at launch.

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              Re: An open letter to Mark Rubin and Infinity Ward

              Well IW claims to be listening and they have stated that they have implemented changes to Ghosts based on feedback from the fans. So my aim with this post is to generate their awareness of how concerned and aggrieved the PC community feels. Based solely on past experiences of empty promises, of features which were supposed to be added to the PC version of their past game releases. Sadly without a direct line to IW, writing to them is restricted to this forum. I did also send Mark and the community managers a link to this thread via Twitter. So maybe someone at IW will hopefully take the time to read my plea? The thought of playing modded games on dedicated servers, with all the extra tech candy which the new engine will deliver. Plus the customisation which Ghosts is going to provide, for many years to come. Is a prospect which every CoD fan boy would dream of and cherish!!! 

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              Re: An open letter to Mark Rubin and Infinity Ward



              That's a nice post, I totally agree.


              Is there any link/source for the 'no FoV slider' thing?


              And one more thing: You are not helping anyone with that custom font

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                Re: An open letter to Mark Rubin and Infinity Ward

                good letter dude, mod tools ftw, bring em back pls

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                  Re: An open letter to Mark Rubin and Infinity Ward

                  Good letter This is my list I want in Ghosts before I buy it again as I cancelled my pre order. Yes most of you have seen it but I need to make sure it gets seen by the makers of Ghosts. And please feel free to add to it ...


                  I think its all basic what we want as PC gamers  .....


                  1- Unlock fov and let us set it to what we want. My fov in  most games is set at 90 or 100


                  2-Unlock FPS and let our video card work


                  3- Let us pick the server we want to game on


                  4- Make sure when you put in game settings resolution 5760 x1080 it works correct. as it never has yet in the two COD I tried it on lol.


                  5- Stop trying to make PC gamers play like a xbox. we did not spend thousands of dollars to build custom rigs to game like a xbox.


                  6- make sure we can play in our game configs


                  7- servers allow us to rent and build our own Ghosts servers and they can be ranked by Ghosts

                  and my new add ...

                  8 Mod tools

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                    Re: An open letter to Mark Rubin and Infinity Ward

                    Couldn't have said it any better. The first thing I want to see change is field of view. That's my only main concern.

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