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    The real reason to why quickscopers are annoying.

      This thread will explain a very valid point and has nothing to do with quickscoping whatsoever, I could not care less about how annoying or OP it can be because that is NOT the problem. Allow me to elaborate, it is a very large percentage of the people who are "quickscopers" or "trickshotters" who irritate me and the the very large call of duty community in a unique way which is their attitude.

      Hold on to those thoughts before you say any CoD player can be abusive or a troll or just irritating I will say you are right they can be, the point is that over 50% of these quickscopers are so obsessed with sniping that they will call you all the names under the sun just because you used for example a type 25. Don't get me started on the worst offenders oh wait I already have here we go, trickshotters you know those people who spin around who will scream at you if you dare shoot them and it is not just the children who can be annoying I have met many adults who set a horrible example by shouting and and constant abuse if you do not snipe.

      My question is who on earth do these quickscoper/trickshotters think they are? Some sort of Nazi-party which must exterminate the disgust of people who do not snipe I mean come on! This post is no disrespect to people who snipe there are many good players and respectful players out there but this part of the call of duty community (quickscoper/trickshotters) are setting a bad example to all gamers I do not care if you have a rocket launcher which shoots nukes on call of duty (ok that was slightly exaggerated) I just want ONE game where a sniper has not threatened me or apparently "did my mother" is that too much too ask?