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    sniper looking for a clan

      im a pretty good sniper and quickscoper, if any clan is looking for members hit me u. because im always online my psn is ZombieProject885

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          hey zombie,


          i'm Torba14 and i'm the promoter of Reloaded Zone. we're a multinational clan with over 20 people from 8 different countries

          we're offering you ( and anyone reading this ) an invitation to a clan in which everyone trusts and respects each other

          all that we ask of you is to follow our 2 week trial. in this trial we look to see if you're fit for the clan ( follow the rules, play fairly etc. )

          if you're 18+ and interested feel free to visit us at rzclan.net or if you have any questions feel free to send me a mail attorba14@rzclan.com

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            So am i im also looking for a quickscoping clan or trickshots im average if you find one let me know.