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        20. Re: flak jacket is op

        Why do I suspect the OP never played MW2? seriously anyone/everyone who played THAT game will tell you the exact reason that FJ is NECESSARY. it BO1 added it at that strength for a reason.

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          21. Re: flak jacket is op

          even in mw3 blast shield was a joke, when the game desperately needed it to not be

          if blast shield actually worked i probably wouldn't have quit the game after 3 months from getting barraged with dead man's hand and the other infinite amount of explosions

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            22. Re: flak jacket is op

            FJ is perfectly fine as is.  It reduces explosive damage.  However, once that first explosive hits the user has very little health left and practically anything else will finish him off.  If the FJ user already has taken damage, a single explosive will take the user out.  What would be the point of even having a perk that reduces explosive damage if explosives still killed you in one hit without any prior damage seeing as all of the lethals have virtually the same damage and blast radius?  If you are having issues killing FJ users then you need to rethink your explosive strategy.  Start considering your explosives as a means to soften up your opponent instead of a guaranteed kill and when you do get kills from your explosives you will appreciate them more.

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              23. Re: flak jacket is op

              At last check, bullets still kill Flak Jacket users.


              Your point is moot.


              Want to see Flak Jacket when it was OP? Play the original Black Ops... and even then it wasn't all that hard to overcome.

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                24. Re: flak jacket is op

                LOL, let's get rid of perks altogether.  In fact, no weapons, no lethals, streaks, everything.  Lets just run around choking each other.


                Be forewarned though, the turtleneck I'm wearing is a bit OP against your thumbs. 

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                  25. Re: flak jacket is op

                  I think ur calculations of requiring 2x is incorrect...actually its overkill if u do so...once a FJ player gets hit by an explosive (that would kill a non FJ player)  player health is so low that even a flash can kill him...so stop complaining and put 1 bullet into him...! If FJ doesn’t stop explosives what’s the point?


                  And crossbow...i have close to 1k kills with it (i know its now much) never had an instance where i stuck someone and it gave me the flack jacket sign...maybe I’ve been really lucky not to stick a FJ user in that 1k kills...but highly doubt that the case.

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                    26. Re: flak jacket is op

                    The OP was wrong on that point,  A stick with a Crossbow will kill even a FJ user in one hit.  Not sticking them, however, will take multiple shots.

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                      27. Re: flak jacket is op

                      Without the current Flak Jacket (AS IS) we would never survive long enough to squeeze the trigger- there are endless nades, C4 and launchers raining down while I try to cap a B flag.  I have Flak Jacket and Trophy systems and still die from the explosions. 

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                        28. Re: flak jacket is op

                        Just use your gun skill and aim instead of relying on tubes and explosives. Problem solved.

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                          29. Re: flak jacket is op

                          I was wrong?

                          When I tested the crossbow against the fj myself?

                          It does not kill even if the first arrow sticks.

                          Try it yourself if you think I am wrong in a split screen lobby.

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