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      Hey guys first post here.. Just tried booting COD4 up for the first time in a long while, and i'm getting 'Activision Matchmaking Error 32' It will then boot me from the lobby, then i'll have to click play online again which will then show the Downloading Game Settings error forever.. I've tried everything to remove the DGS error but my internet is fine and I believe its an error with the servers, can anyone confirm?






          And welcome to our forums! Are you currently using a wired or wireless connection? One quick suggestion, try to restart your connection by running an Internet Connection Test under Network Settings on your console.


          You may also want to try creating a new PSN account, sign it to that one, try to play, sign out, then try again on your other account.



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              I have also encountered error 32. After clicking Play Online I have Downloading Settings... displayed for a short while and then Error Unable to connect to Activision Matchmaking [Error 32]. I have tested the network settings, all was OK and again I got error 32. I have changed my PSN password and am now getting error 33. Once I have signed in to PSN with a changed password I am getting error 32 again. Occasionally there is no error but then the game gets stuck on Downloading Game Settings.


              Could you please explain in a bit more detail how I am supposed to sign out and back in? Is it something I do within the game?


              Also, I am not too sure how to follow your instructions about creating a new PSN account and signing into it and then out and then back into old account. I do have quite a few purchases made on my account and would not like to lose them.


              I have created new PSN account using my computer (I used my other email address) and then tried to use it to log on to PSN from within my PS3 but I got an error: You cannot sign in using another user's sing-in ID (e-mail address).




              I have created a new account on PS3 and set up for it new PSN account to which I can successfully login and it all turned out to be a lot of unnecessary hassle as I still get error 32 when I try to Play Online Call of Duty (it doesn't matter if I am using new or old PSN account).


              Please advise.



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              I'm having the same problem but I play cod4 all the time, have done since release. It was working fine right up until the latest (4.50) update, after I updated the game no longer worked online so I think this issue is because of that. My guess is activision's servers are not recognising the new psn adjustments that came with this new update. others have posted on the official playstation blogs in response to the update with this same problem. other games work fine (i've tested Hitman and WipeoutHD).

              I hope this helps. If I discover anything else I will respond here asap

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                UPDATE: just tried again a few minutes ago and it's up and running again! (i have a 160gig ps3 slim, this may be an important factor because some models had no problem with this update whilst others like us two did) whichever model you have it seems activision were quicker at resolving this than I gave them credit for. Cheers guys! I hope you get back online soon. Add me if you like; Agent-Isis my kill/death ratio is around 3.64 with over 11,000 kills to around 3,300 deaths ;-)