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    Problems after the new update .

      Hello i hope someone can give me an answer or help.3 days  ago i downloaded on my PS3 a new update .Since then when i play COD black ops my character keeps to lag a lot .anyone else has this problem nowadays ?Maybe its some internet issue ?

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          I read this post and thought did Hactivision actually release a patch to fix some of the BO1 problems? I knew better. The hackers and cheaters are free to continue their usual stuff. My faith in Hactivision is restored.

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            Around the time of the PSN update you mentioned, the Black Ops servers went down, for a day then came back "online". This was not to purge hackers, but so even fewer servers would be available to us, and be re-prioritized for newer Activision titles. It got bad a year after Black Ops came out, and has been getting worse every time the servers go down and come back "online". The result is choked out network signals being underpowered across the world. By default they may slow your signal as much as 3 seconds or more to "limit glitching and freezing" and to "promote smooth gameplay" against certain players - especially in team based game modes, leaving your team high and dry. This can be impossible to play in extreme cases where the other players signal isn't compatable with yours, but they're letting them play anyway, clearly at you expense. This will happen every time with certain players even if you are clearly the one with the superior internet hardware, service, and setup. Try Free For All. For some reason they don't seem to run lobbies that way. FFA lobbies seem to actually still be dictated by player response time, loadout effectiveness, and map/gamestate famaliarity. If team oriented game modes remain too bad for you to bear, delete Black Ops GAME DATA UTILITY and  re-install, only without the DLC maps. You will have a larger pool of hosts and can actually find somewhat playable Core TDM lobbies at least some small percentage of the time that way. Good luck. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!