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        i know right i tried it on 2 to and a different clan, but error error, man **** elite

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          I never really bother with clans but some guy asked me to join his so I said sure but when trying to accept the invite from console I get a bad server response error so I logged on from my pc and I get an error again. WTH is going on.

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            OCTOBER 4TH. in 2 days is been 3 months this errors don't stop. i'm a CLAN leader and 9 friends are on hold waiting to be added. but this crazy ERRORS keep popping out. damit! i guess one of the reasons these people don't fix this for us players is cause ELITE is a free App now. We spending lots of money in games and consoles games downloads... PLEASEEE people.. fix this essue

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              Hi Cuates,


              We understand your concern regarding clan management.  We haven't received word back just yet as the matter is still under review.  We truly appreciate your patience.


              Thanks ^AH

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                I am having the same issue on the xbox360. I am thinking of renting mw3 just to see if I can join after that. Not to defend Activision but it isnt 100% their fault... I have contacted them a few times and even spoken with a senior staff member and the thing is that another company is in charge of the Elite website. Beachhead Studio go to that link they are the ones that have .... messed this crap up because they cant code.. freaking simple code should fix it but nothing I can do about. but B!t@h about it

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                  The fix.......... go rent MW3 you dont even have to play it just put the disk in go to multiplayer and link it to the elite and thats it... I had that problem and just went and got it for ... and giggles now I am able to join a clan.

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                    I recently saw some other players doing this too and making it work! I'll try it too, its my last chance..If it works, you're gonna be the helpful answer 

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                      I can relate to all of these problems. I have been trying for 3 months now and every time I call Elite I get the same answer as you all have been getting. It is more frustrating Activision then you could even know. The same day I received the invite so did my son and from the same clan. He got in but I couldn't and still can't. I have done all of the above that has been recommended from Activision and nothing helps. Telling us to bare with (so to speak) is not helping at all. Please take it off the back burner and get cooking. Bill let me know if any of the other player ideas help.

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                        OH MY GOODNESS! IT WORKS!!!!!!!     After three grooling months of not being able to get in I got into the clan. I did exactly what ImDedNow suggested with MW3 and it worked.. I was at work and called my son. I asked him to pop in his MW3 disc into my PS3. He linked it to Elite and then signed into Multiplayer. I had him play the game for just a minute then go back to Elite and sure enough IT WORKED! Maybe Activision you have to have both MW3 and COD Black Ops 2 in order to join the clan?    Finally it's over! No thanks to Activision.

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                          This works. See my comment below. Thanks ImDedNow.

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