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        50. Re: flak jacket is op

        college101 wrote:


        Just made another video that shows what you asked, just waiting for it to be uploaded.

        much appreciated. and thanks for not taking offense, most of the time the people who come here fight tooth and nail over showing what they are talking about and so on.

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          51. Re: flak jacket is op

          Just so you understand THIS is the reason that FJ is as strong as it is



          Now OK I get it can be argued that One Man Army is the problem here but scavenger effectively gives you unlimited explosives too and at the beginning of MW2's life when people didn't know about OMA they did use scavenger for the same results.

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            52. Re: flak jacket is op

            So your crying because it works?! Normally you die from ONE of each, so wearing FJ, gives you an extra impact? Hmmm isn't that the point?! 2 Claymores rather than one. What would you rather have? One claymore still kills you? C'mon!

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              53. Re: flak jacket is op

              The only way I'd see FJ being removed or nerfed (it already is from BO1) is if explosives gave you a choice of the types of explosives and none of them are resupplied, like in COD4 (3 frags OR 2 C4s OR 2 RPGs OR 2 claymores).  At least then if people spam their explosives recklessly getting no kills, then it's tough luck on them.

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                54. Re: flak jacket is op

                I use FJ in a few load outs but I generally prefer LF.

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                  55. Re: flak jacket is op

                  You answered your on question.

                  one man army was the problem.

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                    56. Re: flak jacket is op

                    It doesnt need to be removed. Nor did I even suggest nerfs. But I understand why its there. Half the time when I use fj I just put on engineering and I think to myself how uselss fj is now. I carry one emp with engineering and i hardly get killed by claymore/bouncing betty

                    But if you ask me bouncing betty needs some tweaks. Crouching when it goes off has to be the biggest flaw iv ever seen in explosives in this game. The only thing its good for is to make sure nobody gets past a certain distance, even then a friend or sensor grenade will do the trick anyhow.

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                      57. Re: flak jacket is op

                      Yeah, make the bouncing betty faster to rise and then explode the shrapnel lower down so then you'd have to be prone to dodge it.  I couldn't understand the complaints about players insisting that there needed to be more of a delay to help dodge it.  That's just stupid.  Can we have Juggernaut back then?  The developers have put enough tools in the game to deal with bouncing betties but some people refuse to alter their setups and just whinge to force nerfs.

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                        58. Re: flak jacket is op

                        OP you are actually wrong.


                        I use Flak Jacket. And I have been killed by every explosive in the game while using it, without being injured prior to the explosion.


                        If you stick the flack jacket user with symtex they are dead

                        If you blow up the RCXD right at their feet. They are dead

                        If you direct impact them with a SMAW or RPG they are dead

                        If you land a frag right at their feet they are dead

                        If you blow up a C4 right at their feet or direct impact them and blow it up at the same time they are dead

                        I also believe I have only survived twice to hunter killers

                        I have also died to bouncing beaties while wearing flak jacket.


                        Edit: I guess there is one explosive that has not killed me: The only explosive in the game that hasn't killed me while having flak jacket is claymores.

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                          59. Re: flak jacket is op

                          flak jacket needs nerfed... LOL... this whole post reaks of a cry baby.


                          it does what it is supposed to do, wound from explosions instead of kill. think about it a little.

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