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    Dedicated servers are confirmed. HAPPY!?

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          wierd worlds are these

          This news has been known for a while.


          The news that most people are waiting for is what the rentable servers are going to be like, since Infinity Ward have said there will be rentable servers post launch.


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            Old news. Blops2 had dedicated servers, but no rentable servers and no server browser. IW is again being purposefully vague about the PC version to try and convince us of pre-ordering the game only to never deliver on their promise of "big things" for the PC version after release.


            The game lacks an FOV slider....and they honestly expect us to believe they are going to deliver on things such as rentable servers, a server browser and mod tools? Who cares about visuals if you can't manage to play the game without getting a headache or without lagging all over the place because the server you get matched to is in another country?

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              We all know that "fake" Black Ops 2 style "servers" (which were a complete disaster) is what they've confirmed.


              What was the point of this thread? EVERYONE knows that what the community is demanding is RENTABLE ranked dedicated servers... Not the garbage BO2 setup that is no better than P2P.


              Ghosts is already a guaranteed epic failure on PC. It's honestly not even worth their time to make a PC version of the franchise anymore.

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                  Pretty much this, the COD community on PC has been dwindling ever since the release of MW2. A large chunk of us PC gamers have moved on to different games that actually give the PC community what they want. Hell it's not even just PC anymore, Black Ops 2 on console sold 14% less overall than MW3. First time that's ever happened with the COD franchise.


                  Just wait and see Ghosts is going to hit an all time low playercount on release day and shrink from then on, just like Black Ops 2 did on PC. BF is hitting it's stride on PC again and there is more competition incoming with Titanfall and Destiny. People are slowly moving on from COD. Don't get me wrong COD will still be a big deal for a few years, maybe longer. If they don't evolve their design and give the community what they want it will slowly die away. It's already been happening on PC for a few years and Black Ops 2 marks the first year it happened with consoles.

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                  Give us Ranked Dedicated Rentable servers. with mods please.  And we will all be happy, most of the stuff that PC players are mad about are the simple things we used to have in COD2 and COD4. Is that really too much to ask for Activision?  You've made millions if not billions off of us already.. JUST GIVE US WHAT WE ARE ASKING FOR!!

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                    I liked the dedicated servers in the past. But the hacking becomes so hardcore...


                    I remember loading up WaW...    "I'll join this server!" I get 1 kill. Bam. I'm max level. I don't like that stuff. It happens all the time with this game.



                    I'd rather us be able to choose the area in which we connect. For instance, if I load up ghosts, instead of the game finding the "best match possible", I'd rather choose from the following:

                    • Connect to Chicago Servers
                    • Connect to Dallas Servers
                    • Connect to LA Servers
                    • Connect to blah blah.