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    Does this happen to anyone else?

      It seems like everytime I play Magma, I get kicked for team killing. I don't do it on purpose - it's just that many times (not ALL the time, but like 9/10 times) when I see someone on that map - be they friend or foe - their name doesn't show up above their head!


      So, what's my choice? Shoot or be shot, right? Unfortunately, if I guess wrong I get kicked. And I guess wrong A LOT!


      I even run a target finder on that map to see if that'll help. But it doesn't seem to make much difference. I even walked right up behind someone on that map the other day and stood there for a few seconds trying to make up my mind if I should shoot. No name, red OR green showed up. So I pulled the trigger and realized it was a friendly.


      It's especially bad if I make a long shot - like across the train car that's forming a bridge on the lava. If I'm near the planter and someone is coming from the other side of that bridge - no name......so I shoot and




      Any suggestions? I'm thinking I should just stay away from that map!