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      if I am in America, why am I being put into lobbies from Venezuela Canada Germany Mexico Brazil etc...this is so stupid, their ping is outrageous and the game is unplayable

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          Depends on the lobby sizes and Parties that Matchmaking (broken as hell) places you in, and if you're playing way late at night then pff I've seen China players. North America and South America have one centralized server in New Jersey, USA and the only other server center that I know of is in Frankfort, GER. 


          I have a few fiends in Portugal, UK, etc and the few times we party-up it's a disaster for everyone and the pings are always > 100 ms and often > 150, but OMG I see 400+ ms lobbies.


          Maybe it's just me but it sure the hell 'feels' that way -- often I'll have the lowest ping and before yeah I'm killing everything but since about a month ago or so higher ping players seem to have an advantage ... rubber bullets and mismatched hitboxes.

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