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    mob of the dead freezing

      my mob of the dead is freezing for some reason. for ps3

      it freezes during the loading screen then the audio freezes about 2 seconds later.

      and it freezes my whole ps3 and i have to turn it off,and when it does turn off it does not do the triple beep noise indicating it crashed.

      all the other maps work fine.

      my disc has no scracthes or fingerprints.


      would deleting the mob of the dead map pack fix it?

      and if it does how exactly do i do that without deleting the rest of my dlc's with it?


      thanks for any help in return

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          Re: mob of the dead freezing

          Hey DuderyDude!


          Freezing is no good! Run through the steps to clear your game data and see if that helps fix the issue. Also, make sure that you check your disc for any fingerprints, smudges scratches or anything of that nature and clean it if necessary. Can you also let us know if you're seeing any blinking alerts on your console after it freezes?


          Thanks in advance! ^AM

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              Re: mob of the dead freezing

              sorry for the late reply.

              i like to keep all my discs clean,black ops 2 is one of my most played games so i keep it very clean,not a scratch on it,nor fingerprints.


              when it freezes i have to turn it off,and when i do my ps3 makes a beep noise 3 times.

              and when i start it up again it doesnt give me the option to check if things are currupted,it just takes me to my ps3 main menu like normal.


              all the other maps work just fine.


              i think it might be a problem with the new origins dlc or maybe the new update,because i used to be able to play mob of the dead just fine without the freezing.

              and i see alot of people are having the same problems or atleast close,so it would be nice if you looked into it just incase to see what you can dig up.and hopefully fix it.


              thanks for all your help,i know it can be hard to try and help so many people at once.but your doing a good job and im gratefull for all the help you and the team have been doing for the cod community. hope to find a solution soon

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