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        50. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

        I know but Treyarch are actual offenders of not putting forth work after launch. Regardless if I am a good player or not I dislike the game not because of what the OP said but because of what I experienced with this game. I mean I go back to previous games and have a great time even when they are countries away from me and I am able to piss people off with skill. When I go back to this game however it's the worse experience I have ever had worse then any online game out there even at the peak of the other previous CoDs I didn't experience this many problems and annoyances. Even if I am the worse player ever there's something wrong with Black Ops 2 even if I knew I was terrible player I would still say there was something wrong the bottom line is I am not having fun and there is something wrong with the game no matter how I look at it. If you think I am some complainer like the OP because Black Ops 2 is the greatest game ever to you then so be it. The fact of the matter is Black Ops 2 doesn't have the Call of Duty experience it's not using the Call of Duty formula. It could be lag or bad weapon balance or the spawns I have no clue what is making my experience so bad but it's the worse experience I have ever had online it's worse then when I was a noob playing MW2 dying left and right. Black Ops 2 is more repetitive then any RPG when it comes to what people use and how people play it's all spawn exploitation and op guns. I stopped playing Black Ops 2 because no matter how I play it or what I do it's not fun it's annoying boring and more repetitive then Skyrim on Legendary with only 1 Hp and no armor. The outcome of every game is always the same and too predictable and this is multiplayer I mean how did they screw up the multiplayer this bad to be this predictable and repetitive?

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          51. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

          deamonomic wrote:


          the 150 kills are not even that hard to get! its like 6-7 games at most.

          That's assuming they can play like us and post 20-30 or more kills a game. What if you're a headless chicken who goes 2K-20D every game? That 150 kills with a naked gun suddenly becomes a 70 game grind.

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            52. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

            okay man I have to say first, use the enter key man. Walls of text are not fun to read.


            And like people who complain about lag are oh so fond of saying, its not skill, your just on the good side of lag comp in those games JK


            Seriously, If your not having fun then its just not for you. Doesnt mean the game is broken. Everyone assumes that because they are good at previous games that they will be good at all of them. Not exactly true. Each game plays somewhat different.


            And I hate to break it to you but this game is using the CoD Formula. And I have to say that stating that Treyarch is doing nothing or that the abandoned the game is going a bit far simply because your not pwning everyone. Not a single one of the CoD games is perfect they all have tons of things that annoy in them all over the place From death streaks to it taking 40+ minutes to get a match because party memebers repeatedly fail to join the lobby with everyone else. Its in all of them.


            Furhtermore, if you dont like the game dont come here bashing it making claims that the developers are doing nothing and that they are the "offenders". Just go back to the games you do enjoy.


            And how is it less repetitive then any other CoD game? Seriously!?!? you do the same exact **** in all of em. you run around and shoot people. You shoot people and cap B flag. You shoot people and plant the bomb. It is literally no different then any other game. you seem to only want to bash the game in Wall o text format.

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              53. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

              Run_N_Gunning_Camper wrote:


              deamonomic wrote:


              the 150 kills are not even that hard to get! its like 6-7 games at most.

              That's assuming they can play like us and post 20-30 or more kills a game. What if you're a headless chicken who goes 2K-20D every game? That 150 kills with a naked gun suddenly becomes a 70 game grind.

              If thats the case I recommend switching to a Ill get it when I get it mentality.

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                54. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                Get used to it.


                I'm not enjoying= game is broken


                That's the common COD player logic nowadays.


                True story.

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                  55. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                  I'm not usually one to have a go at someone because of their complaint of a game, it's their opinion after all but I'll make an exception here.


                  3. 150 Kills with nothing and bloodthirsty challenges? are you joking? Not every gun is great and stuff like knife takes the piss.

                  4. Even with the DSR nerf people are still quickscoping me so fast even I shoot first and they react and fire like 0.01 secs.

                  5. Shoot first but I die first is way more comon on this game and hit detection where I empty a clip of MTAR and they kill me in 2-3 shots at any range.

                  9. One sided spawns are back again in Demolition what causes spawn trapping.

                  10. Skill based Matchmaking is a joke. I get put into bad teams vs High levels and Master Prestigers with 2 K/D and twice the SPM raping the bad teams and solo players.

                  21. Too many headglitch spots in maps.

                  22. Carrier is the worst map in Black Ops 2.


                  Almost all of the above is a result of being a bad player


                  These other ones I'll put a quick response to as they are just dumb.


                  1. I always hated Zombies in CoD  (don't play it, plenty people love this game mode)

                  11. 2 Shotguns are too powerful especially the KSG .... (really??? a one slug shotgun that requires great accuracy)

                  16. Ghost is not unlocked till level 55.   (You know there are perma-unlocks, right?)

                  12. Grip and Long barrel are useless. (long barrel is not useless by any means)

                  18. You cannot use friends names on bots. In Black Ops 1 you can and it was fun to kill bots with friends gamertags on them. (really? :S)

                  20. Pick 10 sucks.  (It has been one of the best ideas in COD since MW1)

                  23. Offensive and rude Emblems. (That's the player, not the game)

                  24. Stupid clan tags like W33D and YOLO. (see above)

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                    56. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                    Again it has nothing to do with skill I had fun in previous games and I never had to own anyone to have fun there have been games where I did terrible and I still had fun. Black Ops 2 I could do good and still get annoyed and bored with the game is way more repetitive then previous CoDs and all FPS games are repetitive Black Ops 2 however destroys fun and takes it to another level with how repetitive it is and the cons in this game out weigh the pros not to mention the cons with the cod series are ten times worse in this game. Basically using observations and my experiences I have come to a conclusion that this game won't be fixed or re-vamped or anything for that matter because all they have done is screw around with pointless weapon stats and patch small unnoticeable glitches and some map glitches and they only catered to complainers which made my experience even worse. I have to admit this game was fun in the beginning once they started patching it this game became all the cons of a fps in a nutshell multiplied 100 times over. This game was a a disappointment and I have a right to criticize them because I am a consumer if they can't take negative criticism and turn into an opportunity then that's on them. They are like a restaurant or bar that ignore health code violations and discourages improvements. When people complained about lag they asked for proof okay my problem is that when people complained about guns and the spawns they didn't ask for proof and made the negative changes anyways getting rid of the AI Controlled Spawn System and replaced it with a garbage last minute spawn system that made spawn exploitation ten times easier then any other game.


                    I have your mind set when it comes to complainers they ruined the game like they always do and Treyarch let them by catering to every pointless and idiotic complaint and acting on it. They should of relied on their system for gun balance and should of asked for proof that the spawn system was actually bad at launch but they didn't they acted on complaints so they wouldn't have to deal with people complaining. If they would just pressed charges and sued all the death threats maybe they would of stopped but instead they took it out on everybody and said screw the customers they are always wrong. Then started catering to complainers which made it ten times worse. How would you feel if you couldn't get a refund for a 110 dollar game that ended up being a huge disappointment? I am not a complainer I just want them to stop patching the games at the expense of players who didn't complain.

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                      57. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                      you really should play some other genre of video game and stay away from shooters! Its clear that you are no longer enjoying them, best advice anyone can give you. Do not buy ghost, do not buy more FPS.

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                        58. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                        so they acted on every complaint? really? cause QS is still here... you can still drop shot.... you can still halo jump... you can still kill someone with an SMG, AR, Shotgun, Sniper.


                        and dude again, use the enter key. walls o text dont get read.


                        You know i love the Consumer mentality of "Im always right".


                        And like I said you only seem to want to bash the game cause you didnt have fun. like Izjar said go play something else. Why waste your time here with gaint walls of text that dont get read case they make your eyes bleed?


                        How would I feel if I couldnt get a Refund for a game I bought but didnt turn out to be all I hoped? MEH. thats how. Welcome to the gaming world enjoy your stay, mints on the pillows.


                        Basically what you could have said instead of that gaint wall o text was "In my opinion I dont think BO 2 is a good game". Theres nothing wrong with it, every single game ever made has a guy like you who dislikes it and feels that either nothing was done or the wrong things were done. Just move on

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                          59. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                          This is not something drastic as health code violations at a restaurant. If you were to use that analogy it would be more like them having something on the menu that you dont like.


                          I can understand if the game is not for you, I understand that completely but they didnt make the game just for you and you alone.


                          They patched this game to cater to the MAJORITY of complainers in this game, and we all should know that corporations care about the majority. For example if you are a player from the fan based long time players of COD you need to get used to the fact that they do not have to be loyal to their fanbase. They need to be loyal to the majority.


                          You cant complain over the fact you could not get a refund for this game because when you bought this game you already KNEW you couldnt get a refund for this game. It is completely your fault for buying the game because you made the decision to buy this game and accepted the fact that they may change this game beyond what you want in this game.

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