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    ghosts, titanfall, destiny and bf4

      looks like its going to be a great few months for fps shooters and looks like for once cod has finally got some strong competition.


      so what do you guys think will give ghost a run for its money ?

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          All of them most likely,


          Each one will probably offer something that the others dont

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            I think Titanfall will give Ghosts the straight up most "competition".  It will be the most "next gen" shooter when it comes out in the Spring next year.  (And personally....I can't wait to play it.)


            Though, I'm probably most looking forward to Destiny.  It's just my kind of game.  Epic single player rpg style campaign, with room for social connectivity.  Sure they'll be a multiplayer component, but I see it as more of an rpg/adventure/exploration game, with a first person perspective.  Anyway....it looks sick.

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              Just seen War Thunder on sony's official site,


              Dont think its going to be close competition to the big names but does look interesting and could definatly be worth a try


              War Thunder - PS4 Games


              From what ive gathered it looks battlefieldesque but based during world war II.


              play as pilots, tank commanders and naval captains, doesnt mention anything about infantry though.

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                titen fall is made by the group that left IW after MW2 (IW's good devs). so titan fall should be good, but will likly playlike cod with extra mechanics.


                BF4 is well BF


                Destiny i will wait andn see, expect it to be decent.

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                    T-boss wrote:


                    titen fall is made by the group that left IW after MW2 (IW's good devs).

                    The same devs that gave us OMA noob tubes... deathstreaks and super lunge!


                    I've got some hands on with Titanfall and it is awesome! The mechs are really fun when to use but there're not too strong, the double jump and wall runs make it possible to cross a map without touching the floor. I was unsure before I played it but I will defiantly be purchasing it on release day, sometime around May next year according to one of the EA team we were speaking too.


                    Think i'll pass on Battlefail 4 tho.

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                    None/All.. does not really matter since each will be different and appeal to different kinds of players.

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                      Definitely not buying Battlefield again.  As for COD, Destiny, and Titanfall, I am getting them for the X1.  I can see some of these titles doing well but as for life...that is a different story.  CODs average life cycle is about 9 months for many of gamers that I know.  Bungie's games come out every 3 years so if that games life cycle isn't at least 1.5, then it might suffer.  Titanfall just needs to get off the ground and I think it will do well.  Titanfall is coming out around the 5-7 month mark in CODs life cycle so if COD is bad then I could see many people getting Titanfall.


                      If Destiny has a competitive multiplayer similar to Halo then I will be happy.

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                        It's good to see some viable alternatives to COD this year, I think BF4 will do well more so on next gen where you will get nearer a proper BF experience, I will probably give it a try on next gen but in my eyes there are some fundamental problems with the game. Destiny might do well but I have my doubts, I will certainly wait till its out and see what people make of it and how it plays. Titanfall I think has the biggest chance out of the three to challenge Ghosts for two reasons like iivrruummii said it comes out around the time when COD starts to become stale and secondly its seems to be the evolution of a fast action packed arcade shooter which COD is so it is most like it and I think the success depends whether they get the pick up and play right and balance, I certainly can't wait to get my hands on it, its one of the main reason for the xbox1 purchase.


                        Another game which I think has probably the best chance giving COD a run for its money is Homefront 2 because its an arcade type modern military combat game just like COD but the sequel is being developed by Crytek this time who have a magnificent engine which features low latency controls and 60 FPS on currant gen and also looks amazing and has been in development for years already and coming out in early 2015. When playing crisis betas I have always wondered what crytek could do with a modern military combat setting and its good to see they are giving it a go.

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                          I would like to play titan fall and if you guys have not had the chance GTA 5 has a pretty sweet teamdeath match