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    Three of my skylanders have gone missing.


      While playing yesterday I was visiting friends' islands to collect kudos.  The last several friends I tried to visit I received an error and to try and visit later.  It was then that I noticed three of my skylanders had gone missing:  Chill, Whirlwind, and Autumn Stump Smash.  Chill and Whirlwind were at least level 10 or 11 and Autumn Stump Smash I had just gotten to level 8 recently.  My task list still has a mission for me to send him to Treetop Terrace.  When I bring up the list of skylanders though it wants me to repurchase all three.  I have the figures for Chill and Whirlwind and could probably use the portal to unlock them again, but am afraid I would lose all progress with them.  Autumn Stump Smash I won in the wishing well and see no other way to re-unlock him without buying gems.


      I am playing on an IPad 2 with IOS 6.1.3.  My apple ID is


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