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    PS3 zombies team!

      In the past i have played with a lot of freinds and continue too. Some better than others. However I am looking for a dedicated 4 man(includinv me) team that actually has a trust with one another. This one will not just be for certain goals, but also for the fun of playing. It could span whatever maps that we all have, and can even span games. This is a group that could carry on into the next treyarch titles zombies mode.


      Mic not a requirement

      must must be a dedicated zombies player.

      minimum rank of skull

      must have at least 4 bo2 maps, including tranzit and nuketown. Origins is a must, since I will play this most.


      Please please join me because I would love to have a crew more specifically for zombies. leave ur psn and I will add you. Mine is BIGB13_1999. But I would prefer to add u.