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    Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

      Hey guys, anyone ever heard of a 9 perk bottle? I have heard about it from a few different people in game now. Theres two versions of what I have heard, first being that you get the gold shovel, find the first red dig site, leave it undug, then return with the zombie blood from the spawn. Dig it up, and all your teammates should be able to get all perks. Version two, is that you leave the first dig site out of the spawn (from 1 to 2) undug, then return with the gold shovel, grab the spawn zombie blood then dig up the first dig site, giving you and your team the ability to buy all perks. Cant find anything on the interwebs to back this up, wondering if theres any truth to this rumor. thanks!

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          Re: Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

          Completely true, you can get 9 perks.  It's not easy though as finding those red dig sites (while in zombie blood) can be tedious... especially if there is more than one player looking for them too.  I'm happy if I get one extra perk.


          You can look on YouTube to see lots of videos of people running with all 9 perks (typically solo games)


          EDIT TO ADD:  You can't see the red dig sites unless you have the golden shovel AND are in zombie blood.  Each red dig site gives you 1 extra perk slot.... so you have to dig up at least 4 if you want all 9 perks.


          Also.... ONLY the person digging the red site gets the perk slot.... it does not apply to the whole team.  Each person has to get their own.

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              Re: Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

              I was wondering about teamplay, is it possible for all players to get 9? like if you in a 2player game can both players dig up 4 each equal to 8 bottles in total for the game or is it limited to 4.

              Also they dont move do they? so if you see one it will remain in the same place until it is collected?

              Anyone know?

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              Re: Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

              I'm pretty sure that's incorrect. I saw a youtube video actually explaining it but I haven't done it myself. But each red dig site will give you one extra slot so that you can buy another perk and use it. I believe that doesn't apply to your team mates, just the player who dug the dig site up. You do this enough times and will be able to have 9 perks at once. Most videos on youtube are people playing solo, i assume playing with other players will limit how many you can get for yourself. Plus zombie blood is kinda hard to come by as well.

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                Re: Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

                Well I understand how the extra perk bottles work, I was just asking if anyone had heard anything about a 9 bottle mini easter egg.  Supposedly if the first red dig site is dug up with the first zombie blood from site 1, you can get 9 perks for everyone in the game (instead of each person digging each perk up one by one.)

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                  Re: Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

                  Sounds like a troll to me.

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                      Re: Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

                      Yeah, prolly a troll. But still, 9 perk is real, just like the golden shovel and golden helmet. To answer people, no the red dig pile dosen't move as long as it's not collected, then it will move. I dunno if all players can get the 9 perks, but for sure 1 can. Same for golden helmet, dunno if more than 1 player can get it since i haven't seen 2 in the same game. 9 perk is real, subject closed

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                          Re: Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

                          Each Gold dig site spawns one after the other, but they are hard to find. Here are some of the locations i've seen them:


                          1. On the road from church to Juggernog

                          2. Next to Wunderfizz at Juggernog

                          3. In fire tunnel

                          4. Around lightning tunnel and rarely inside the tunnel

                          5. Next to generator 3 in front of a zombie barricade

                          6. Around tank station (Rare appearance for the 1st Gold dig spot)

                          7. In church( Also a rare appearance at the 1st Gold dig spot you need to get)

                          8. Next to the mound near the final green rock is for the Archangel song.


                          There are others that I have not yet confirmed but If I see them i will post their locations. These spots are where i have 100% seen a Gold dig spot and have dug it. So you can rely on these. BUT sometimes it may spawn in very hidden areas I have not mentioned above so keep an eye out. An ice staff will help as you can get the free zombie blood from putting out the 3 wagons that are on fire but don't rely on that as some spawn at far away areas that you won't have time to get to. Hope this helps.

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                              Re: Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

                              9. Between Gen 1 and 2 by Remington

                              10. Outside first door at spawn on way to Gen 2

                              11. Excavation Site- Next Giant footprint from Gen 5 soul chest

                              12. By B23R near spawn

                              13. Between jug and Generator 2 on tank route

                              14. Between Generator 2 and 5 on tank route

                              15. Between church and generator 5 on  tank route

                              16. Dead end at Gen 2 where zombie shield part sometimes spawns


                              There are 16 red dig piles so I would assume that all 4 players can have 9 perks if they dig up 4 each and then get the free Double tap from the reward box

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                                Re: Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

                                I've gotten one all the way back at gen 6 by the remington as well.

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                                    Re: Anyone heard of this? 9 perk bottle.

                                    Ok. Really I thought at the begginning that the spots would randomly spawn anywhere accross the map but then I started seeing them too often in the same place so i thought they must be set to spawn at certain locations. But this will help, probably all the locations are typed up here. But this is a rare spot to find one that isn't listed.

                                    In the WIND tunnel, I'm telling you this is very rare. But it is certainly a spot for one as i dug one up there myself.  Yes generator 6 also has one, so your correct on saying that.

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