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    Really Wierd ELITE Thing?

      Okay, Firstoff i wanna say, That I did NOT Hack, Infact this game wasen't even INSTALLED until today.

      So i installed my MW3...And my stats and everything was the same. But then i go to my callsigns, Because it says : [NEW] Callsign [NEW] Emblem. So i go and take a look...I see a ELITE Title and a Blue and Red ELITE Emblem? Then theres a Shining [XP] Square next to my name, So i'm like okay, Cool! Double XP and ELITE's For PC!. But i ask a couple of other gamers on a TDM. They said they didn't have the shining XP thing and those titles and emblems. So I'm like okay? This is wierd. So i start thinking i didn't enter any CoD contests or anything. But i was thinking if CoD was making a raffle thing. for random accounts on CoD.com whoever won would get exclusive titles and some Double XP. I didn't Even PRESTIEGE! To get it! So i really don't know whats going on, Can some of you tell me? I swear i did Not hack. You could search my PC and not see a hack. So, please reply. I really Wanna know what the heck is going on. Have i won something or is ELITE finally for PC?