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    My game now won't load.

      My game just crashes ouT. Is there an update coming or a fix?

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          Hi Traceyg,


          Sorry to hear that but you'll need to provide us with more information in order for us to have a better understanding of the issue you are experiencing.  Please provide us with the following information:


          1. The device you are on as well as the iOS version.

          2. Your Activate name.

          3. When the crash occurs (i.e. upon launching the app, visiting neighbors, etc.).

          4. Indicate any error message/code you are receiving.


          The more information you can provide would be greatly helpful.


          Thanks ^AH

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              I am using an iPad which is on iOS 7.0.2 (11A501)

              my activate name is Traceyg66

              my crash occurs when I am trying to access the game

              it says connecting, then loading and then it kicks me out

              there is no error message or code

              this has been happening for almost two days now

              i am at level 37 with all but one skylander

              i hope you know how to fix the problem.


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                  Thanks so much Tracey.


                  We will forward your issue to the proper parties.  Can you verify whether or not there was any gems lost?  If so, how many and also provide the dollar amount spent on gems.  Additionally, which Skylander did you lose?  Were there any other items lost on the account?


                  If you haven't already done so, please try un-installing/re-installing the game. Be sure to shut down any background apps prior to launching the game. Let us know the results.


                  Thanks ^AH