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    A Trip To The Past !

      So I went back to play Verruckt on Black Ops 1 and I gotta say how did we go from such a creepy looking map from the look to the sounds of babies crying,women crying,guys screaming in pain to maps that have almost no atmosphere? Don't even get me started about Buried that map was a joke of a zombies map.

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          Re: A Trip To The Past !

          The only map that kinda got this right was mob of the dead....

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            Re: A Trip To The Past !

            Could not agree more, the atmosphere to the W@W and black ops maps are great,

            Mob almost had it (Fun drinking game every time someone says the F word have a shot)

            Origins could of had it but Samantha's voice/script kinda grates on my nerves (could of kept the creepy voice that turns demonic, and only if you finish the easter egg should you be punished, but that's just my personal opinion)


            If they carry on with Zombies I hope they can bring some of the older elements back, Buried could of been really good if they had just done it completely differently....

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              Re: A Trip To The Past !

              Absoulutely BO1 all the way. Even the knifing system was better. Quicker and easier. Its not just the maps Bro, its everything. I think when it comes to people who choose BO1 over BO2 Zombies about half will agree that the storyline ruined it for them. I often wonder how BO1 Z's would have been with Perma perks and Banks. Two very good ideas in my book. Also and I know I'm not alone on this. While doing an Easter egg, I hate how the crawler bleeds out if you leave him too far behind.

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