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    Matchmaking Issues from old patch 1.13 Still Unaddressed

      I hate to do it, but there's no way I can keep playing this game anymore, thanks to the devs themselves.
      Patch 1.13 from months ago changed the matchmaking, enabling some geographical factor that, in simple terms, region-locks people from playing with other players outside of their area. This hasn't been fixed it and probably won't ever.
      For players like myself, there's really no way for us to ever play multiplayer online on our own due to patch 1.13. The only viable, sane option is to party up with someone from the States or Europe and letting them find the lobbies. This is not how you treat your fans.

      Thanks, devs at Treyarch, for limiting my options and the people I can play with and for overall ruining the gameplay experience for me, for a game that I paid for and loved up until this point.
      Ghosts is fast approaching, I can only hope Infinity Ward doesn't make the same awful mistake.

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          Re: 1.13 Matchmaking Issues

          Dunno where you live at, but 90% of the community would lag out playing with you. Ghosts will have dedicated servers, hopefully the matchmaking will be better for you

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              Re: 1.13 Matchmaking Issues

              Lagging hasn't stopped me from winning games and destroying the competition. If I can do that, they should too. Besides, 90% of the players you're referring to also have a 1-2 second lead advantage on me. I can still win. MW3 plays just fine, so does the first Black Ops. Heck, I can even find games in CoD4 much faster than in BO2. In fact, there are NO games available to me on BO2 now thanks to that patch months ago. There's a 1/100 chance I actually manage to find a match in BO2, and I always have a 1-bar in it. Contrast that with what it used to be prior to 1.13 and I could find matches in moments, with far more favorable connectivity. 3arc just likes to take things that are stable and run it into the ground.

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              Re: Matchmaking Issues from old patch 1.13 Still Unaddressed

              Im in England but seem to be locked to playing with people in Fance, Germany and Spain since 1.13 or maby even before that I have never even played with any Americans and maby 2 or 3 times in a 10 hour game session find some Brit's.


              On the plus side I have been picking up 3 new languages probably not the nice words though lol


              I have Ghosts on pre-order for PS4 but if that's more of the same I may start playing somthing else like Battlefield or Killzone because it's just no fun when I don't even know what my team are saying.

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                Re: Matchmaking Issues from old patch 1.13 Still Unaddressed

                Hi Secondbanana,


                Thanks for posting.  Can you please clarify the issue you are having?  Are you not able to locate a match at all or do you find searching for a match takes a bit longer.  What region are you in?  Do you notice this occurring at certain parts of the day or even weekday/weekend?  What do you currently have you search preferences set to?  What game mode or playlist do you often play?


                PS3 update notes: http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200545668#.UldwWVBebnE


                Thanks ^AH

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                    Re: Matchmaking Issues from old patch 1.13 Still Unaddressed

                    (This response is long, drink some coffee if you dare reading this.)


                    There's really no help that could be done unless the matchmaking itself is tweaked back to what it was prior to 1.13. I KNOW that the patch made changes to it, and any patches past that point have done nothing to fix or lessen the damage it's done.
                    The region is Guam, and the entire area has been affected negatively by that patch. (To anybody who lives in the States, don't come in here saying that you can find lobbies in a heartbeat and nothing is wrong - you live in the States. Region is big, there are always players there online all the time.)
                    Months after it's happened, I'm walking around the mall and I still hear random people complaining about it, wondering why it takes them an approximate 20-30 minutes to find lobbies now when it used to only take a minute or less.
                    The occurrences are everyday, 24/7. In most of my cases, a lobby is never found, period. That never happened before 1.13 came along. On the rare chance I actually find other players online now (the chances are extremely slim), once the match starts I have a terrible 1-bar connection, just some silly red pillar of uselessness next to my player name. And these are supposed to be players within/close to my region? I really doubt it. My gametype was TDM, and my search preference is always set to "Any." It always worked great for me - I could pick "Find game" and it would up and find a lobby ASAP, within just a moment or so, not a long wait at all.
                    And then 1.13 came along and now "Any" is useless. Impractical. The wait is so long, I could have found and played a full match of CoD4 while BO2 would still be searching for a lobby.
                    What irks me the most is that I can party up with a friend who lives in the U.S. - when he finds a game for us, my connection to the match is so much more favorable, it was almost like I was playing on a copy of the game that didn't have 1.13 installed. Mind you, the lobbies he finds for me are also populated with other people from the U.S.
                    So, ironically, I have a better connection when I'm playing with and against players from the other side of the globe compared to regions closer to Guam. Patch 1.13, I tell you.
                    And then once he signs off, I'm back to giving up on the game. I already know I won't find a match if I tried looking for one myself. (and if I do somehow find one, I have a 1-bar. Great.)

                    For now I just have to forget this game. It was shaping up to be my most favorite out of the series - I was striving to unlock diamond camo for everything, I struggled and plowed through alot of matches to finally reach Master Prestige, and then in the end my whole experience is ruined by a single patch. A season pass seems pointless now when I can't even play the Apocalypse maps online, with players from locations the game won't ever bother trying to match me with anymore.

                    All I can really do now with this game is play against bots. Sometimes join a zombie invite. As for multiplayer, it's dead to me if I'm not even allowed to go out and play with/against randoms from across the world. It's called "Play Online" for a reason. "Local" has it's own separate place on the MP menu.
                    "I'm gonna miss you, diamond MTAR."

                    Here are other links referring to patch 1.13. One of them belongs to myself. (And the second link is me getting very impatient, so sorry about that.)


                    Re: Game searches locally now, this needs to be fixed.
                    Re: Difficult to join multiplayer games.


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                    Re: Matchmaking Issues from old patch 1.13 Still Unaddressed

                    I hope this reaches you, I had the EXACT same problem. However I am from the States. This is what I did to fix it, maybe it will work for you too. Go into your Game Data Utility on the ps3 XMB, and delete your Black Ops 2 data. Any DLC you had can be redownloaded so don't worry about that. Then I would recommend restarting the ps3 before the loading the game again and downloading the patch you're prompted to install. This should work. I think Treyarch made some error with their patch that messed up the matchmaking when 1.13 overwrote the last updates. Then assuming your matchmaking works like it should, redownload your dlc.

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