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    Honesty Is The Best Policy

      Well it's almost a year now since Black Ops 2 hit the market guys and I wanna see and share my opinions about the zombies mode part of the game with you and also want to hear your honest opinion about the Zombies this year.

      To be honest in my opinion I disliked the path they went. That's just me but looking at the maps Nuketown, Tranzit,Die Rise, Mob Of The Dead, Buried, and Origins. The only maps I liked is MOTD,and Origins those maps haven't gotten old to me...yet.  I hated the direction they went if it's anything Treyarch did horribly wrong is that they don't know how to keep me the "gamer" entertained. It's the opposite of that they'd rather limit my fun with the game look at Nuketown it has barely any wall weapons and 4 perks??? WHY?!? Nuketown should have been a chill map not one where you have to wait for perks or pap to come down. How on earth did we go from 8 PERKS on Moon to 4 perks on Nuketown a map which was hyped to be a fan based map where "fun" was everywhere. Sorry guys but who's idiot idea was "HEY lets make Nuketown zombies have 4 perks our fans will love it they'll think it's revolutionary". My guess is that it's that d-bag Zelesnki.

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          Re: Honesty Is The Best Policy

          They wanted to make zombies appeal more to kids/noobs who suck so they made it way easier, and season pass meant they had everyones money with no incentive to make the maps good.

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            Re: Honesty Is The Best Policy

            I'm with you Bro.. 100% Z's did take a very wrong turn in BO2 in my honest opinion. We are no longer killing Nazi Zombies. The storylines dont add up, and even the weak attemp they did to try and link them. FAIL !! You want honest opinion..here it goes.. Thank god I didnt get rid on my Black Ops 1.. I find myself back at Der Riese over and over again.. just cant get enough, that map kicks a$$ !!

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