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    How would you guys rank the Call of Duties CoD 4 to BO2 from best to worst? This is how I'd put it.

      Call of Duties 4 till BO2 Ranked Best to Worst



      1. Call of Duty 4 --- This is the most definitive moment in CoD history and by far the franchise's most loved among fans including me. Call of Duty 4 eventually would go on to pave the way for future titles to come after it. This is the best game from the early era of Call of Duty without a doubt... But really both the start and the end of an era happened here; it ends the early era and at the same time marks the beginning of what I call the "classic era".Best game in the franchise and best game by Infinity Ward.

      Rating - 10/10



      2. Black Ops 1 --- BO1 was a grower for me at first, and for a lot of people.

      But now I just can't stop playing it, everything about it from the zombies to the brilliantly done multiplayer and campaign is very well thought out and very well put together; along with some elements of early era CoD thrown in there too. Another addition you will see in here are the four Wager Match modes: Gun Game, Sticks & Stones, One in the Chamber, and Sharpshooter; which are all pretty good. Unlike MW2 before it, this game is very dark in tone and in the way it feels to the player playing it. About the "early era elements", you can tell especially with the style of the graphics, the gameplay, the setting of the game, and the lesser amount of killstreaks compared to MW2, that it leans more toward the early era again. Definitely the most noteworthy highlight of the Treyarch games and the second best in the franchise. In my opinion it's also their last masterpiece to date. For those whoever didn't like it, feel it, or really get the hang of it at first, please give it another chance like I did. I think you'll be glad you did Now, after this game is where the downward slump of Call of Duty begins, but we'll get there when we do. An excellent way to end the classic era, and definitely showcases Treyarch at their prime. Rating - 10/10.



      3. World at War --- Not a lot of people talk about this particular game, thus the fact that I think it's one of the franchise's lost gems. With probably the best single player campaign ever made for any CoD title, the introduction of zombies(which is as far as I know, is the only part of this game that ever gets any attention nowadays. This addition to the franchise was a fantastic idea by the way.). The multiplayer is still great on World at War; not as good as on the first two games on this list, but still very good. There's not really much to say about this one, but it's worth a chance if you haven't played it yet. A very underrated Call of Duty game, and probably the most underrated of the classic era. Rating - 8.75/10.



      4. Modern Warfare 2 --- MW2 is the follow-up to Call of Duty 4, and the result was a good game but it's probably the weakest game of the classic era. It still retained some elements from Call of Duty 4, while also mixing in some of its own. The multiplayer is still pretty good at this point, but this is where the problems started for most people, and was starting to get questionable. There was the overpowered grenade launchers, the infamous "One Man Army and Danger Close perk combination", which literally made you a "walking tank" if you used them, and then the infamous campers(people that I call cowards if they do it too much. It means people that hide in a corner waiting for people to walk by and kill them for the whole match. Camp only if it's necessary people!). If anybody remembers the akimbo Model 1887 shotguns on here, it was the best definition of "overpowered" before they got patched a little while after the game launched. I had never seen a shotgun fire so far, and get a kill until these suckers came along. Campaign was good, but not the best. However it does pick up the pace a lot closer to the end of it. Graphics-wise this game has some improvement, but yeah it is for sure the weakest of the classic era, but it's not bad either. Rating - 7.5/10



      5. Black Ops 2 --- After the atrocity of a failure called MW3, we got this mediocre game. It is a little bit better than MW3, but it still has some of the same problems that the aforementioned game suffered from: terrible spawn points, awful maps, and the complete abuse of the lag compensation, thus resulting in downright terrible connection at points. Back to the maps for a bit; not only does this game hold one of the best multiplayer maps ever, Raid, but it also has one of the absolute worst...

      Nuketown 2025. This map has to be the worst Call of Duty map I ever played on in my life since MW3's "Dome" for the fact that it suffers from SEVERE bad spawns. Now I guess if you want to get really technical, they kinda started doing that on Black Ops 1... on maps such as Nuketown(the original, not 2025), and a little bit on Firing Range. But at that point it wasn't so bad that it bothered me, but on Nuketown 2025 as well as some others on BO2 like Rush, Hijacked, and Uplink it bothers me to madness. But for the most part, every map on here aside from Nuketown 2025 is better than any found on MW3. And the campaign and zombies were okay, but zombies at best is very bland aside from the standouts, Nuketown Zombies and Origins; these two maps were actually pretty decent. Campaign was ok too, but it was unmemorable for me. I also believe that since this game, at least gameplay-wise, was a little better than MW3, I found it to be a possible stepping stone to a much better game. It's not the worst CoD ever but yes it is the worst of the Treyarch games. Rating - 5/10



      6. Modern Warfare 3 --- Now is the time to talk about my least favorite Call of Duty, and without a doubt the franchise's worst game EVER!! This game seemed so promising in the beginning, but as I played it for the first week after launch, I kept thinking to myself, "I don't know if it's just me, but I feel as if the more I play this new game, the more I keep thinking something is horrendously wrong here." And there was something wrong. There were more problems wrong with this game than any Call of Duty ever, this is where the bad spawns came out in FULL FORCE, several overpowered guns were in there(Type 95, ACR, MP7, Akimbo FMG9s, PP90M1, to name a few.). The killstreaks were decent, with the Assault package being my favorite. But the Support package had a few in there that should've been in the Assault package or removed completely(Juggernaut Recon, Stealth Bomber, Escort Airdrop, etc) Specialist was a good idea if you ask me. I never used it much, but when I did, I did well with it. Some perks as well could've been balanced better such as Assassin Pro especially. The vast majority of the maps were absolute utter garbage on here; But the maps I did like a little bit are Hardhat, Bootleg(my favorite), Seatown, Interchange, Mission, and Terminal. The connection quality on here is among the worst in Call of Duty history, ever. Period. Lag compensation was used too much, it ruined the online experience, and there was no way around it. I did not like Survival mode, at all. It completely fell flat to zombies, resulting in a very uninspired mode. Campaign is a tiny bit better than BO2's, but it's very bland at best, and does not save this game from a bad score. Now before you all start bashing me for disliking this game, underneath all the garbage on this game, there is an ultimate standout. Infected. Infected was one of the coolest modes to ever come to this game, and to CoD in general, and could've easily been in BO2, and the only thing on here that's worthy of a 10/10. When this mode was put into the community playlist, and I played it for the first time I was like, "Oh yeah! Now this is more like it! Why didn't they do this sooner?!". If it weren't for Infected, I would've easily given this game a 2/10. But since that mode is just excellent in my eyes, it saves it to some extent. It is the best addition to CoD since zombies in World at War. So yeah everything about this game aside from the amazing Infected, the killstreak system, and a few of the maps, is just complete garbage, and was a HUGE disappointment as was BO2 that followed it. In fact, it was so dreadfully painful to play it, that I had the guts to go outside of my comfort zone for a while and experiment with other franchises such as Battlefield and Assassin's Creed, which are way better than BO2 and MW3 combined. Rating - 4/10

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