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    Achievements/Gamerscore broken since MOTD

      Okay so this is the second time on these forums ive tried to get some help...can i get some?Ever since mob of the dead came out ive had 3 achievements,and 115 gamerscore that are not registering that i have them,but i know i do cause ive done those achievements well over 50 times.For example when i press my guide botton,go to achievements,and find COD Black Ops 2 ...it says 83 of 90 achievements and 1665 gamerscore.When i click on COD Black Ops 2,at the bottom of the achievements it says 86 of 90 unlocked(and all those add up to 1780 gamerscore).Theres also only 4 achievements that dont already have a little picture w/ it.So why does it say im missing 7 when its actually 4?Someone please contact treyarch about this,because i know im not the only one w/ this problem and i really dont feel like coming back next month just to type all this out again.