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    Re: Skylanders Lost Islands Keeps Crashing

      Hello, I have the same problem,

      activision ID eladbz

        • Re: Skylanders Lost Islands Keeps Crashing

          Hi Eladbz,


          Thanks for posting.  We've moved your issue into a separate post in order to address you specifically.  Please provide us with the following information:


          1. Your Activate name.

          2. Previous and current level. (Only applies if the account was reset to level 1 or rolled back a few levels).

          3. Any gems lost and dollar amount spent on gems. (Indicate whether or not gems were lost)

          4. The device you are on as well as the iOS version.

          5. When the crash occurs (i.e. upon launching the app, visiting neighbors, etc.).


          Also, specify any error message you may have received.


          Additionally,let us know if this is a separate issue from another thread you have created:




          Thanks ^AH