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    Anyone Else Having Code Problems?


      I Recently pre ordered  Cod Ghost on playstation store and was told there was a code that I was suppose to get to redeem a personalization pack but I didn't receive a code when I purchased It from the store nor was anything sent to my email. Could you please help me with what I should do now?


      Also will you be able to download games purchased on the playstation store onto your ps4?

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          If you purchase the games when you are signed in via your PS4, yes.

          If you mean can I download games I purchased while logged in via my PS3, no.


          The exception will be the GHOSTS upgrade program.

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              so Only the ps3 version of ghost can be switched over to ps4. Like I will be able to go into the playstation store and re download it from my downloads onto my ps4 if I already purchased the game on my ps3.


              Or what do I have to do to be able to play it on my ps4 as I didn't want to wait to get ghost but I don't want to have to re buy the game if that's the case the ps4 is hardly worth my money and I will just go purchase another ps3 and my current one is pretty old.

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                       tu recevras un code unique en l'achetant sur le PSN... au prix de 10 Livres, 10 Dollars et 10 Euros.!!


                       Ce sera la même chose pour tout les jeux que tu as acheté sur le PSN, si tu désire les transférer sur une PS4 tu devras payer chaque fois de 10 à 20 Euros...


                        Personnellement je ne trouve pas cela très honnête... car pour exemple, j'avais pré - commandé " PAYDAY 1 " sur le PSN, jeu de Sony, et en pré - commande il coûtait 20 Euros, pour le transférer ce sera aussi entre 10 à 20 Euros... Donc c'est comme si j'achetai une deuxième fois le jeu... C'est abusé... a croire que Sony veut diviser et ne donner accès a leur PS4 que pour une certaine classe sociale.


                                                                           Phil. ( HarpeScorpion04  mon Tag )

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                I hear you will not recieve the code until Nov 5th