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    Anyone want to join a Zombie Clan?

      Hey guys, this is ThatZomBPlayer from my clan, ThatZomBClan. We play Black Ops 1 and 2 zombies. We are looking for new players for the clan. Here are the requirements.


      - MUST HAVE A MIC!!!

      - PVR (Elgato, Roxio) would be appreciated, but not mandatory.

      - Must be mature... NO SQUEAKERS! We want mature players... people who don't leave when they go down.

      - At least round 25 on more than 4 maps.

      - We are PS3 only.


      If you would like to join, then hit me up at ThatZomBPlayer, or ThatZomBSlayer on PSN, and we will have a tryout. What happens in the tryout is that we will ask you what map you would like to play, and we will see how you play, ESPECIALLY taking note on if you are a "lone wolf" or a "team player".


      Check us out on YouTube: ThatZomBClan - YouTube   (No videos lately... just started clan)

      Twitter: ThatZomBClan (ThatZomBClan) on Twitter


      Thanks for reading!