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        40. Re: Can Camping Be Sustained or Unsustained?

        It depends on the kind of camping. When you are near the objective picking off people, then its fine. Even if the player is in the outskirts i dont mind that much as long as he is helping the team someway. Meaning if he get KS then he is helping the team. There are some people that sit in there own spawn, using lmg doing nothing. After the game they complain that the other team dont allow them to get out of there spawn; its annoying because they are not trying to get out. What are we suppose to do? Are we suppose to sit in our own spawn just to let them leave. There needs to be a balance of rushers and campers, preferably more rushers because we need more people to help for the objectives.

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          41. Re: Can Camping Be Sustained or Unsustained?

          It doesn't matter. Balanced players who know WHEN to run and gun, WHEN to camp it out, WHEN to move tactically will always have an advantage over those who force themselves into one play style or another.


          It seems I can never get anyone to truly define "camping", anyways. Am I really a camper because I killed you while taking cover to reload my weapon and you walked across my path? Is it really camping to hold down an area of the map because that is your team's strategy?


          Until you buy the game and system for others, you can't tell them how to play the game.

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            42. Re: Can Camping Be Sustained or Unsustained?

            As much as I don't like campers, what I dislike more are people who aren't campers but who don't play the objective. And I get it... every team needs a slayer....  but why do I always get stuck in a obj. game with 5 slayers on my team. I can even understand staying in one spot and trying to get up to your streaks, but with the rewind time lag comp the aggressor has the advantage, plus if you slay near the obj you get more points towards it. don't like c4, use flak jacket, want to reliably get your streaks, hardline. but FOR GODS SAKE, if only one person on the team is going for the obj they aren't going to reliably get the kills that slip through the other 5 peoples cracks in the defense, help the team win, k/d doesn't matter.

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              43. Re: Can Camping Be Sustained or Unsustained?

              Online play is not rated by the ESRB.

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                44. Re: Can Camping Be Sustained or Unsustained?

                The map dictates what style I'm going to play as well who I'm playing with. I'm a long to medium range player. I'll camp ads in a spot where I got good cover and the spot is high traffic. Most people cry about campers but those are the same people dying 3-5 times coming back trying to kill a person who already has the jump and is waiting on you. It was a head scratcher to me in mw3 that most people never tried to flank and come from behind me but just kept coming head on

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                  45. Re: Can Camping Be Sustained or Unsustained?

                  Of course campings a playstyle. it might be an unpopular one but its not cheating. If it was a real battlefield yude see everyone dug in to their bunkers and hiding. real warfares all about hiding snd camping and not being seen and the element of surprise. the only time it turns into a run n gun in real lifr is wen its the last  option.


                          Yes i know its not real life and its only a game but why critisize players who could be said to be playing more realistically. Moan all you like...dead runner, living camper...

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                    46. Re: Can Camping Be Sustained or Unsustained?

                    I dont believe it trails, weve actually found something we both AGREE on. Someone call me a parsmedic, im about to have a heartattack!!!

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                      47. Re: Can Camping Be Sustained or Unsustained?

                      It happens to everyone at one point when dealing with me. and yes the world is about to end because of it. just need another 24 more to get to 666 so I can summon the beast.

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                        48. Re: Can Camping Be Sustained or Unsustained?

                        Reaper1287 wrote:


                        . Keep in mind, you dont know who the person is and what they're thinking, Just enjoy the game.


                        Amen Bro! That's what makes the game fun. Nothing else matters, so long as you are playing other human beings because some people make great rational decisions under pressure and others make really stupid decisions under pressure. The challenge is to figure out where in that spectrum your opponents fall.


                        If you can't figure it out, then you get creamed. If you can figure it out, then you win. It's that simple.

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                          49. Re: Can Camping Be Sustained or Unsustained?

                          nicedrewish brings up a great point about reloading and scoring a kill.


                          It hasn't happened too much in BO2, but in previous CODs I've often found myself with no ammo in either my primary or my secondary. I figure when that happens, the smart thing to do is to get out of the hot zones; go someplace where there is less traffic. That's usually a pretty long trek to take without any means to take out an opponent except a knife.


                          Whether or not I can get that far, the more immediate objective I have is to get someone else's weapon. I'll be perfectly frank - the easiest means of doing that is corner camping and waiting for some run and gun guy to dash by in a mad frenzy to flank my teammates. If that seems skill-less, let me explain why it does take skill ... Very simply, if you think I knife the first guy that comes by, you're definitely someone who hates campers. NEVER kill the first guy that passes unless he sees you.




                          Because 100% of the time that guy will have at least one teammate not far behind him. Usually there are two more opponents that are going to pass by. If you kill either of the first two, you will die before you can take out the third guy.


                          So, yeah. Call me a camper. I am not at all offended that you had an easy kill and missed it.

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