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    issues & ideas that would make origins better(ps3)

      hello first of all i want to address all the issues that i have encountered in origins and i see a lot of ppl are going through the same things.

      **The perk cola machine is some crazy piece of trash that needs to be looked at, it gives the same perk cola 20  times over and over again it teleports somewhere else and still keeps giving you the same perk that needs to be looked at, that goes for the mystery box it gives you the war machine you leave because why in the world would you want that gun? and you try again and it keeps popping up until the box decides to teleport!  what the heck!

      **The tank kills  you in anyway possible that it can, and i think it shouldn't like the bus in tranzit, and the zombies shouldn't run on it either, the tank is like a death trap.

      ** many people randomly die just running through the mud.

      **zombies hit you from 3 ft away they even manage to rip off your zombie shield, many times even  when close the zombies hit you like if you don't have a zombie shield.

      **Mystery box should have better guns its like all the guns from mob of the dead should be in origins not these plain guns, i mean even the guns that can be bought from the  wall are in there what is that? origins is a really cool map it deserves cool  weapons like paralyzer from buried etc.

      ** When you get downed it should be like it is in tranzit now, that after a certain round you get to keep jugg,sleight hands, double tap when you are revived.  i think that would be fair after everything you have to be looking out for.

      **And i mentioned this in another discussion but i will repeat it again the four shovels should be at the starting point due to a lot of ignorant people that quit on round one when they don't get a shovel...its hard enough to find a decent game please. example: in tranzit the turbine is there for everyone to use.

      **Also i really think the staffs shouldn't have ammo and if they must at least a decent amount like if you have a hammer or something, that staff makes you pass through hell to build and upgrade it.... should be a decent amount of ammo or none.

        if you have any more ideas or issues that have you encountered feel free to add maybe they fix things for the better.....