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    Lost islands lack of support

      I Have lots of money and time invested in this game... It crashes, won't save.... It is asking me to save my info or a random friends cloud info so of course I choose mine. I am max level, have over a thousand gems, tons of skylanders houses, every skylanders accept the new ad. Thumpback. etc... And it finally erased all my progress. I have called support and they had me do about 15 different things to fix it. if even dealt with apple to see if it was an issue with the cloud. I sent crash files, everything... Nobody is contacting me.


      lets put this into perspective... I purchased spyros adventure for my kids... Bought all but 2 skylanders that I couldn't find... I bought the giants game and every single skylander that was released. Today I spent 400 dollars on swap force.. Game, all 16 new characters, wii remotes, carry cases, manual, etc... I have well over a thousand dollars invested in skylanders... I would appreciate a little more support than... "Sorry, I tried, let me pawn you off on someone else that doesn't know anything."


      please figure out out how to solve this. I have pictures of everything I have on my islands I can send. But maybe it would be better to completely restart and activision just reimburses progress and stuff...? This is annoying, and I haven't been able to play for days.

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          Hi Mbs1963,


          We're very sorry to hear you are having an issue with the game.  Please provide us with the following information so that we can forward your issue up for further investigation:


          1. Your Activate name.

          2. Previous and current level. (Only applies if the account was reset to level 1 or rolled back).

          3. Any gems lost and dollar amount spent on gems. (Indicate whether or not gems were lost).

          4. The device you are on as well as the iOS version.

          5. When the crash occurs (i.e. upon launching the app, visiting neighbors, etc.).

          6. Indicate any error message/code you are receiving.


          If you haven't already done so, please try un-installing/re-installing the app.

          Be sure to shut down any unnecessary background apps prior to launching the game.  Let us know the results.


          Thanks ^AH

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            Just wondering whether any of the advice offered to you from Support helped you....I am having so many ongoing issues and can't get a response.