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    When I Ride the Tank in Origins, I get Downed.

      I don't expect anyone at Treyarch or Activison to read this and I certainly don't expect it will ever get fixed but I do want at least someone to read and acknowledge how frustrating and disappointing it is to get to that level in an already difficult map and have to climb up from the bottom and rebuild after I do nothing wrong and faulty game mechanics screw me over.


      It's this simple, I am on the tank while it is cruising along and at some seemingly random point my screen goes black for a few seconds and I am on the ground pathetically waiting to be revived. It happens to no one else, whether or not they are on the tank with me and from their point of view they see me in the 'downed' position hovering in the air for a few seconds where I then fall down.


      NO explanation, no warning.


      I made a video of it earlier today, I had a great Thanksgiving weekend and it happened to me 4 times, just today.


      It almost behaves like I am being run over by the tank, which is absurd.


      I Guess no Lightning staff for me then.