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    Looking for a clan to join

      im looking for a clan to join for ghosts.


      i'm from the uk, have a 2.05 kd on mw3 (hardly played black ops 2 because it was crap)


      play almost everyday, and am in the top 400 in the domination leaderboards on mw3



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          Re: Looking for a clan to join

          Hi we are a tight net clan who mostly play Mw3 also hated blops2 was crap indeed, we are recruiting players who only do ops for GHOSTS if you are willing to do all ops or as much as possible apply on Elite to TbagNu. We are level 46 on Mw3

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            Re: Looking for a clan to join

            Trying to find the right clan for you? Apply for Paradox! We're a new all around clan, though we mostly prefer Domination. We'll be on Ghosts, so if you'd like to visit our Clan Discussion, here you go: Paradox Recruiting

            Hope to see you soon! #TeamParadox

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              Re: Looking for a clan to join


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                Re: Looking for a clan to join

                CLAN RECRUITING(PS3/PS4/360/XBOXONE)





                Wuz good to all my gamers out there. In 21 days lag ops 2 time will come to and end, and GHOSTS time will begin. In the mean time you can join our GTA5 crew. We are level 43 as on now. We are very active on GTA5 right, and we will be the same way when GHOST is released. So if your bored of lag ops 2, make and account and join us. And if your looking for a new group of people to game with, join our clan for GHOST. We are openly recruiting for Ghost is as now. So apply at links. Hope to see u guys & ladies soon.


                https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/10783583 (New Clan)

                We you get accepted you will first need to register on our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/TRUIMMORTALGOON
                Then sign up for clan website at: http://trugoonsforlife.enjin.com/
                Check out our clan plans for GHOST on INTEL website:http://ximmortalgoongamingx.weebly.com/

                Must be over 13
                Being and "ACTIVE" member is what keeps you in the clan.
                Having a mic is good, but not a must.
                Doing clan ops and daily challenges are a most.
                Respond to game invite and friend request from other members
                You must sign-up for clan website & facebook page.( you must post at laest 2 post a week).
                Have a K/D of .75 minimum (I will not be taking anyone that does have a K/D under .75 at all, So plz dnt waste my time, or yours.

                Play all game modes with the gaming objectives in mind
                IN RETURN:
                You get to game in a friendly environment
                Game with some of the best gamers that are online
                Get help to improve how you game
                Get map knowledge.

                Gold Clan Tags: IGNx/xIML/xIMN

                xIML Clan level:45 Black ops 2/Clan level 28 Mw3(Clan is closed to new recruits til Ghost)

                IGNx Clan level: 50 Black ops 2/Clan level 40 Mw3(Clan is closed to new recruits til Ghost)

                xIMN Clan level: 16 Black ops 2/Clan level: 4 in Mw3(Open recruiting)

                "Very important" If your getting the "ERROR" sign when applying? Dnt worry. Just let me know in a message on clan website. I will get u in the clan, soon as i can. Thanks, and hold tight

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                  Re: Looking for a clan to join

                  Im looking for a clan to join. A clan with skilled players, who communicate with each other and are great team players.
                  I play a lot of GTA, Black ops, & Black ops 2. I have BF3, MW2, MW3..few other multiplayer games.
                  My KDR on black ops & black ops 2 are above 1.20 ( I apologize for not knowing my KD, I should've checked )

                  Would be really awesome if the clan members are extremely friendly; fun to hang and play some COD with.

                  Im a female (dont know if that matters) I enjoy gaming, I'm passionate about gaming.


                  Few years back I was in an all girl clan. I was apart of the clan for about 3 years. The clan was one of the top 100 clans. I was one of 4 leaders. Myself and the girls I played with at that time were very good, we had a lot of skill. We were so confident with ourselves that we almost went into an MLG tournament.


                  Anyway..Just felt like sharing that with you. Msg me if I can join your clan.


                  I have a PS3 & an XBOX 360

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                    Re: Looking for a clan to join


                    CAG Clan (Combat Applications Group) are recruiting.


                    Voted #1 clan website on top 100 clans 2 years in a row



                    We are always on the lookout for mature and like-minded gamers. though all ages of applicant are considered.


                    We are a Multi platform and multi game based community with a member base in to the thousands, we have competitive and casual teams on most games including but not limited to Ghosts, Battlefield, Advanced Warfare and Titanfall


                    Since being such a large clan with a wide variety of players from around the world you will never be stuck running solo again, we pride ourselves on our teamwork and have fun while playing.


                    The only requirement for joining is the ownership of a working mic to communicate with other members in game


                    Game time with fellow members can earn a player awards to brag about which can lead to promotions within the clan.


                    Improve your game!


                    Join by visiting our website: www.cagclan.com, use my name as a referral: SprayAim


                    Many Thanks,


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