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    Anyone else think clans are ruining call of duty ?

      In their quest to get  little digital badges

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          Not really.  If anything, we take a whole lot more deaths than we normally would during the ops just to get those little badges.  There are always 2 or 3 non-clan folks on the enemy team camping their butts off for easy kills and since the clans are under a time constraint to score, we can't check corners like we normally would if we want to maximize our op score.  The only op for which this isn't the case is TDM which I consider my revenge op for all of the deaths that I take completing the objective in the KC and DOM ops.  I think the problem most folks have with clans is that they are afraid of getting stompped by them.  So they back out of lobbies that are running a full party.  Personally I think that it's silly to back out because most clans are made up of regular players (not everybody is a star) and when you do occassionally run into a well stacked clan, it's a good opportunity to up your own gameplay.  I faced a clan the other night that knew spawn trapping like the back of their hand.  I didn't win a single match against them but I got a lot of kills and had a good time trying to win.

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            "Don't hate the player, hate the game"


            The concept of clans and how to level them is a bit wonky, but it is what it is.  The game is setup for it, people are just playing it.

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              I dont think they are, however I think when playing mutiplayer, they should only be able to go against other clans.. I think parties should only go against parties.


              Dont get me wrong Im personally fine with going up against clans, I normally wipe the floor with them anyway, but I also like to win, so when I am paired up with noobs, though I come out with a good KD we normally always lose since my team has no Idea how to win against a communicating party

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                Clans have existed in COD for sometime.


                Difference is that there is more incentive to create your own clan or join a clan to have some competition.


                However, I would agree that clans should be playing against other clan in clan operations. It's not fair to those who play solo.

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                  Full parties / clans should never play (half) teams of split screeners and greenies / low levels. That’s the main issue. Getting on a team with them vs clans, clans don’t have to be good to get the win. W/L is thus complete bs. Next to all the random drop losses people who play solo get constantly.


                  Otherwise in all honesty it’s not hard to beat most clans, when you have one other beast and at least decently experienced teammates, especially if they objective whore. I often beat clans and see them rage all the time. I only hate playing them with Noobs as you're mostly just playing for kills then and get spammed by point streaks in the air.


                  There should be more mercenary lobbies (separate dom, tdm, S&D and kc) and these lobbies should let small parties team up as well (2 to 3 max for objective game modes). I generally play with 1 or 2 other players, a full party is generally boring. I don’t last longer than 3 matches then.

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                      Lets be honest your not actually playing other clans, your playing against parties with the same clan tag. That's what MW3 has done.


                      I play as part of a clan, and we hardly ever play clan operations because they are boring.

                      We mostly play Domination, some capture the flag and a bit of demolition.

                      When we are playing Dom we capture 2 flags and hold them, and let the other team come on to us. None of us care about KD.


                      Until the operations are the most wins in a certain game type we wont play them. I have no interest in running clockwise round a map caturing a flag then going to the next one.


                      Clans haven't ruined anything Beachhead have, by setting up stupid operations


                      For the camping point clans don't camp any more than anyone else, every game i go into there is at least 1 player camping, most clan matches i have there is 1 player camping.

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                          Not saying it is right, but this is EXACTLY how I feel.


                          The clan op objectives are outright stupid. It should be based on wins (with score differentials as tie breakers), not on caps/defends (in Dom).


                          And as for KC and TDM, if a team gets the most tags/kills they will win (obviously).  The problem is that clans can separate and go into different games to get their individual confirms/kills up (which count towards the sum) and they could all lose their matches, and the clan can still get gold.


                          No idea why Beachead set it up the way they did... Hope they learned from this.

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                          i`m sice cod4 in clans,and its amaizing to do ops in public games not only privat clan wars

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                              i dont really know what you have to do for ops, but I do know that for people who may not be as good at the game, it can ruin their experience in spawning just to be killed by a clan who is spawn killing randoms, to boost kd, or hit some sort of kill marker or point marker.. if they want to do that, thats fine, and if your good, then these clans should have no prob doing to another clan

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                                  I hear what your saying error_6 and this is a valid debate on new vs vets or randoms vs clans but the way I see it if you only play with newbies you will never truly improve at the game. I paid my dues getting smashed and learned.

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                                    I'd actually prefer to play the ops just against other clans.  I find our biggest problem isn't with the clans because they are playing the objective but the randoms create the biggest hassle because they aren't playing the objective.  Just for reference, the clan ops score on the following:  KC (confirming yellow tags), DOM (capping flags), TDM (kills).  Note only one op out of the 3 gets you points for killing although KC comes close to that but you still have to confirm the tag and only the person that confirms the tag gets the score towards the op.  So if you're not running a full party of premium players, it is possible for another clan to steal the op points for your kill if they pick up the yellow tag in KC.  I get shot all the time from guys hiding out at flags and guys hard camping just waiting for someone to come along for a tag.  I know that's normal for the normal gameplay but the difference is that I'm not rushing through a normal match.  So normally I would take out the hard camper and run up my killstreaks rather than sacrifice my life to pick up two or three tags or a flag.  To score well in the clan ops you have to end matches quickly.  So even if you lose the match, you can actually pick up more points towards the op if you lose two matches quickly than if you grind out a win in one match.  It's a crazy way to play but I didn't set up the rules.

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                                Gives player that may otherwise K/D camp play the objective in modes they wouldn't otherwise play..

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                                  Yes and no.


                                  When there is a bigger or full party of clan members K/D camping and bragging after the game how good they are, it ruins the game. I'm also pretty sure these types are the ones intentionally inducing lag to their connection to have an advantage over everyone else. On few occasions I've overheard a clan discussing their connection when they have forgot to mut me, and you can also notice it from the instakills they are dishing out. Then again it's fun when sometimes you end up in a lobby with a guy flying solo and remember him and his buddies shitting on you earlier, and making him raqe quit when his not able to K/D camp as usual when his buddies are not there to cover all corners.


                                  On the rare occasion when a clan is playing fair, and you are lucky enough not to be teamed up with lvl 4 split screeners, the clans are not an issue. It can be fun and more challenging than usual, and this is coming from an average player. However since this doesn't usually happen, i wish there will be a merc KC playlist in BO 2.

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                                    Clans are not ruining COD as they have always been around. We just notice it more on MW3 because of the yellow clan tags. Even now, some/most clans still run random clan tags to stop people from quiting when they see a team full of yellow tags, including my clan.


                                    It is quite often that my clan faces other full clans and it is also often we play teams full of randoms. It sucks when you guys get stuck with teams of split screeners; believe me, I understand. At the same time though, it is also often that the team you are on is also full of 3-5 clan members who all work together. It's the luck of the draw, I suppose.


                                    You all can play how you want, after all, you did purchase the game. If you want to play alone/not with a clan/not in a party, all the more power to you. But you can't complain that you get whooped because you choose not to play with others. You can't complain that you got put on a team who don't want to work towards the objective because you can't be bothered with playing with a clan.


                                    In my opinion, clans are not ruining the game, your own decisions to play alone in a game the requires team work to play well that may be ruining the game and/or matchmaking for you.

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                                      The only thing that annoys me as a solo player is having to play against them.  There is mercenary but that then restricts the game type.  I don't have anything against the concept of clans and clan ops etc.  But it can and should be kept separate from solo players.  But as others have said, it is what it is and you have to take the rough with the smooth.

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                                        Im in a clan,but usely run solo anyway as they are based in the US and im in the UK,so the lag is awful at times. I hate it when entire clans spam UAV and ballistic vests.and it takes me a while to get used to that style of play.

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                                          Wouldn't say they are ruining the game but can be frustrating to play against.


                                          I've found that I come up against clans more in this COD than previous ones though. Can be very tough for people who play solo. Especially when a team of randoms are running all over in different directions, especially in objective game modes, or daren't go for the objective in case they get killed. Find I'm trying to win the game on my own sometimes.


                                          A lot are saying get into a party or clan if finding it hard to go solo but all of my mates don't like MW3 for various reasons, and haven't got it anymore.


                                          Would like to try a clan but I mainly only play domination and team defender, and don't want to commit to having to go on all hours or compete in Clan Ops or whatever else they do. I'm not really that good and don't want to show myself up, lol. I only play for fun really. although I use the term lightly. MW3 is the least fun COD I've played.

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                                            Clans have been around long before ps3. You can join a clan or just cry about it. Clans are not the problem. The problem is the little kids that QS, camp and use tubs and think they are good. I have been in a clan for 2 years now.

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                                              Here's the deal, anybody who parties up (clan or just friends) with more than 2 (3 or more) should ONLY be able to play other parties/ clans of 3 or more people.

                                              Sure it might take a little longer to find a match, but then again maybe it won't.

                                              Like one of the other posts stated above, let them bore each other with their tactics and gameplay.

                                              This makes the game more fun/ playable for everyone and the game producers will sell more product because of it.


                                              The way the game is set up now you get stuck in lobbies that very much make it not fun unless you like to lose, get killed alllll the time, and get your stress up.

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                                                  Clans/Parties do not ruin the game at all! im in a really good clan and yes when we do work together it can be really tuff to win. I also run solo quite a bit and i play multiple clans and i say us randoms win about 75% of the time. All it takes is some experience and you just need to adapt to the clans gameplay! once you figure out how they work you will have no problem beating them!


                                                  I Think Clans make the game a little more fun when im running solo or with my clan, because you know its not going to be easy and you will be challenged. and as for camping im sure 90 % of the people on here that say people are camping are wrong and are just coming up with an excuse as to why they lost. i've been called a camper multiple times when that wasn't even the case. I guess its called Camping when your reloading your gun so you take cover, or when you've been shot so you take cover to recover your health.


                                                  bottom line is learn to lose, learn to win, learn to not be a poor sport, and this game will be alot more fun for everyone.

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                                                  Clans haven't ruined the game, it is the lack of a legitimate venue for solo players that is hurting the game.


                                                  Mercenary has too many problems. For one, friends can get into the lobby and do so. They boost both directly and indirectly. It's the indirect that ticks me off more than anything.


                                                  The other big problem with Mercenary is that it is just a moshpit of games. I hate moshpits.

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                                                    No, clans and team work are all part of the package.


                                                    I ran solo last night against party/clan with a team of randoms for around 5-6 games, I don't think any of my team were over level 50 Nil prestige, So needless to say as team we got wrecked.


                                                    However, I stayed with the guys for two reasons


                                                    1, Connection, ok we were losing but connection was great(smooth, I even got the red hit markers when I was hit, very rare lol.


                                                    2. Just because they are a party/clan does not neccessarly make them better players, I had a 2+ kd in all but one of the games. 


                                                    Play your normal game, tighten your style where necessary and don't fear it, take on the challenge, you will take some hits along the way but you will become a better player in long run.


                                                    One thing I saw my team do yesterday were camp around the spawn!!!(inviting the spawn trap!!!), next thing pred missile 'multikill'.

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                                                      I think Activisions connection and Matchmaking settings are ruining call of duty.


                                                      Check this out for a joke. Last night I'm in a party of 6 friends (were all in England)


                                                      We search for a game and get matched against a clan of 6 players  (all from Turkey - gotta be 2,500 miles away). wtf????


                                                      Surely there must be other gamers nearer we can't be the only British gamers on at 10pm LMAO

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                                                        Match Making & Parties - Prior Ban(s), Excessive Reports, Heuristic Detection  check this out and see what you think..it was written by MOMBA1.....it should answer your question

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                                                          no clans have a right to play they just need their own room to play in...clan based rooms

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                                                            Please don't paint all clans with the same brush many are there to play the game.. we play TDM HC the clue is in the name..TEAM... but I do agree some clans probably go over board and spoil it for others.


                                                            I have said before and keep saying.. give the clans what they need, Private Rentable Servers simples

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                                                              Even before clans on Elite, people had organized play on platforms such as Gamebattles, or just played together for fun. Honestly, the introduction of all the nifty little badges and such was just an incentive for even more people to try organized play. In short, I think that clans are nice, I've been in many across all sorts of games. You meet people, you play together, and you learn the game together. Now they've added rewards for it. What's not to love?

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                                                                  what a great reply....clans are usually gaming communities that play together in all sorts of games...not just this one...I was in a clan myself structured clan...they had officers and such and there were about 20 different games at all times you could go into and play...they would help noobs gain experience by offering their knowledge of play ...you just have to find the right clan