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    Another reason BO1 and WaW maps should be on BO2 when PS4 comes out...AFK

      Beat to death subject I know. But after playing WaW Zombies last night I remember how bad an AFK player screws over their teammates, especially on Nacht.


      Of course one of the main reasons I want all maps on one game is so I can play any map and have it be a ranked game among other things. But lets put the main reasons aside.


      After playing a game with an AFK dude I told my two new team mates to let this dud ego down a sht load in the first couple of rounds. On round two and 15 downs the other two players tea bagged this dude hard as I let him go down over and over. Shortly after they left so it was just me and AFK dude. I sit and watched this dude go down so much and I wish so bad it would count for his rank.


      Why was letting this dude go down so much especially pleasuring to me? Because an AFK players screws over a team worse on Nacht than any other map. My first game with this dude, me and the other 2 players went to round 15 so if we would have had a good 4th we may have went 20+ and maybe even a new round high.


      I just switched back to PS3 and I dont have BO2 for PS3 yet and I am literally tonight gonna trade some games in and get it. Am I going to give a fk about rank on my new account on PS3? Hell no, im going AFK hunting. I will sacrifice to make sure AFK'ers go down as much as possible and play mainly Bus Depot (One of the best BO2 maps imo).


      You forgot to leave the lobby and didnt know you were in a game? Tough sht my friend.


      Would much rather play with a good full team but AFK'ers beware.