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    [XBOX ONE/XBOX 360] [US] Carbon5ive, 5IVE, is currently recruiting

      Carbon5ive is now recruiting players for Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One.  Whether you desire a solid group of players for casual pub stomping or a strong team to compete in MLG and the newly introduced Clan vs Clan mode in Ghosts, stop by and give us a look today.







      About Us


      Carbon5ive, [5IVE] is a professional gaming organization, that focuses on the Call of Duty franchise games for the Xbox 360 and soon the Xbox One.


      Carbon5ive aims to become one of the most promising gaming organizations today. Carbon5ive (in some form or fashion) has competed in many games and has attracted many dedicated members in the past with two goals in mind. Having fun and winning. We strongly believe that one leads into the other.


      Games are meant to be fun, and at Carbon5ive we strive to make this a reality. We believe that winning and performing at a high level are by-products of dedicated gamers that work together and have fun doing it. We also believe that professional gaming should be an escape from reality not a full time job, which is why the majority of us are relaxed and maintain a keen sense of humor.


      With that being said, we do take winning very serious and believe chemistry, team-work, and communication are what keep our organization alive and enable us to perform consistently at a high level.


      While we strive to be the best at every game we play, we realize that true success can only be achieved by putting forth goals, not only for our organization, but for ourselves as individuals. Members are expected to put forth their best efforts and continually hone and master their skills; be it as a competitive member or a staff member.


      Sportsmanship is also highly valued in Carbon5ive. While winning is the objective, we achieve it in a professional manner. We do not condone any type of cheating, as well as disrespecting other teams in the community. Everything you do as a member of Carbon5ive is reflective of the team as a whole. It is important to us that when we win, we do so in a respectable manner.


      If you feel that you have what it takes to be a part of Carbon5ive or just want to find a good group of guys to log some pub games with, then register and apply for membership today. Thanks.



      Membership Requirements


      -Must have a microphone.


      -Must be 18 years old or over.


      -Must be able to work as part of a team and communicate effectively.

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