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    Reasons why Black Ops 2 sucks

      - Lag comp , it simply works as a lag switch , has this happend to you b4 ? You shoot someone and all of sudden they start runing even faster or teleport ? Thats because of lag comp , the game tries to equalise the connection which is bs , if you have bad internet thats ur problem for ex mine is 30 up , 10 down and 6 ping which is ok i guess better than what 70% of the ppl use but anyways all that teleporting bs is basically cased by the lag comp its almost like a lag switch .


      - Terrible SMGs , many ppl say their OP but they arent , you can never kill a guy at long or even medium range who is headglitching lets say with the PDW , especially after the nerf they got , the PDW became a peace of **** , its still kind of effective but i remember getting tons of swarms with it when it wasnt nerfed because that huge magazine that it has is like an extra attchament and you dont have to worry about running out of bullets , 70% of my deaths are while im reloading , the rest 25% are by Snipers and Shotguns which in my opnion are OP only because of one PERK called Dextirity especially shotguns , snipers are a very noob weapon on the other hand , almost no idle sway , they got built in quickdraw and toughness , thats pretty messed up . I mean if a sniper can run around like an SMG user and QuickScope ppl , at any range , then why cant shotguns blast ppl from accross the map ?



      - Headglitches are a very stupid thing especially when they are everywhere at every corner



      - Some of the ARs are very weak , for ex the M8A1 , the one b4 the AN94 , it is  a 4 burst weapon which means that it should be 1 burst at any range , as far as i know ARs take 3 bullets at any range most of the times , correct me of im wrong but i tried using the M8A1 the other day and it took 2 and sometimes even 3 bursts , its not so bad because of the high rate of fire but its hard killing multiple target without reloading , after all my fav ARs are the SWAT , the FAL , the SMR and AN94 everyithng else is weak and it takes too long to kill or too many bullets to kill .


      - And last but not least , Turbine , Carrier , Aftermath and Nuketown 2025 are the worst maps ever created

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          Re: Reasons why Black Ops 2 sucks

          The game doesn't slow down your connection. Yes, theres lag, but the game doesn't purposely cause it.


          SMGs aren't designed for long range. Simple enough.


          Just do what I do and aim for the head.


          It doesn't appear you finished your last point so I wont comment on that until you do.

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              Re: Reasons why Black Ops 2 sucks

              i wish it showed ur PING on the leaderboard like on PC ( if its under 50 you stay in the game , if not you can still play but you can forget about going for killsteaks )



              * Smgs arent designed for long range ? thats bs , they are but they should take 1 or 2 more bullets to kill , what 3arc did is not only did they nerf the range of PDW and MSMC but they also made the recoil completely random , of course u have the vector and skorpion which are pretty effective at long range but one is too weak the other one shoots too fast and you run of bullets quickly , i just dont like the feel , i liked the PDW cuz it felt like exta light LMG but since the nerf ive been using Assault Rifles and im still able to drop VSAT , a VTOL and a K9 unit in TDM which is imppressive , most ppl who play TDM run scoresteaks such as UAV , Care Package and Hunter Killer cuz they just know TDM is too hard to get steaks but I never gave up, SWARM is pretty much like a NUKE thats why i dont run it anymore , once you call it in , everyone rage quits


              In fact using Hardline together with an EMP, a C4 and Scavenger makes it much easier to get steaks , C4 is like a pocket nuke and the EMP is so OP , it disables everything and you get 50 points evreytime one of your teamates kills a guy who has been EMPd , thats amazing and Hardline makes ur life a lot easier

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              Re: Reasons why Black Ops 2 sucks

              The game doesnt slow down your connection because it doesnt NEED to slow down your connection.


              A guy with one meg speed compared to 100 speed has the same exact speed you do. The amount packet size sent is the difference.

              This game only uses .04 up and .04 down unless you are host.


              Headglitching has been in every COD. So why dont you complain about them all. Why did you buy this one when they all had headglitching ?


              The act of hiding behind cover was intentional. If they didnt want you to headglitch they would have made the items to hide behind lower. Hiding behind cover was intentional or they would have put pieces of cover in the game.


              You can easily kill a man behind cover by many ways.


              One example is to throw a grenade. They were designed to go after guys behind cover.


              Even better yet try outflanking them. I think they taught that at basic training.


              Or even better yet try not running around the corner to get shot and throw a grenade first.


              Use that gunscope that detects players. I only use it once, forgot what its called, a millimeter scope or something ?

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                  Re: Reasons why Black Ops 2 sucks

                  because in this game you can see that the 3arc purposely created them , lets take hijacked for ex , theres a headglitch at every corner . Im sick of these retards claiming their MLG player , do you know what an MLG player is ? A headglitcher who knows the spawn better than his **** , ive played against MLG clan b4 all they did was camp and hedaglitch ,2 of them were rishing the others were protecting them just in case . I went 28 - 8 and they were mad because i was playing smart with the SMR using ghost suppersor and dead silence i took all of them out one buy one , but why does the require you to play like this ? Im more of a rusher , the only reason i played like that is because i wanned to piss them offf . Everytime i try to rush in this game i get killed after my 10th or 15th kill . Back in the mw2 days i was running UMP45 and Spas 12 together with marathon and i never complained , i the UMP worked at all ranges and it was light , just what i like

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                      Re: Reasons why Black Ops 2 sucks

                      Who cares if they are better than you or THINK they are all better than you. This is a simple video game, not a race for the presidency. I mean seriously at the end of the day or even at the end of the game what do you have. Nothing. A printout maybe that you can hang on mommies fridge (not saying you specifically).



                      Its not like being an honestly good player at the top of any leaderboard is going to get them a better job than you. Or a better wife


                      As for headglitches being all over. Future reference. Dont prepay for the game next time. Use things like the internet to decide if you want to buy the game. Its your money.


                      If you rush out and stand in line for 6 hours because you wanted to be the first one to have it, its your fault for jumping the gun.

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                          Re: Reasons why Black Ops 2 sucks

                          starbuckfrack wrote:


                          Who cares if they are better than you or THINK they are all better than you. This is a simple video game, not a race for the presidency.


                          Wait. Are you sure it isn't a run for the presidency? Maybe it should be. LOL! Wouldn't that be funny as helll??!!


                          In any case, it may not be a race for the presidency, but it is similar in one way - the best man does not always win!!!

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                      Re: Reasons why Black Ops 2 sucks

                      Opinions are like... well you know the rest.


                      The game is what you make it.

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                        Re: Reasons why Black Ops 2 sucks

                        1st of all yes BO2 has its bugs but really stop and think about it "What games doesn't have bugs?'

                        2nd Ther is going to be lag. Get over it. All multiplayer games have lag. There are SO many pple complaining about this.

                        3rd maps are only as good as you think they are.

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                          Re: Reasons why Black Ops 2 sucks

                          Change game and move on... The topic been brought way over, the game is on it's end, specially for MP. Ghosts is coming soon, so just go find another game for the couple weeks lefs before Ghosts. I'll be on zombie, i'm not interedted in Ghosts until Ps4 comes out, wich means january since there is NO PS4 left unless you pre-order one, and i'm not nerd enough to have done that


                          On a side-note, i always use the M8A1. It is the best AR out there, if you need 3 bursts to kill someone... either you play CORE or you suck at Hardcore... Usually takes 1 burst on Hardcore.


                          I agree that the big maps : Turbine/Aftermath/Carrier are really crappy and designed for sniper class (and i understand the point for that), but are not forced to play those. See this map, change lobby... Nuketown is nice to get tons of kills


                          MOVE ON...

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