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    How to make Call of Duty Better

      Modern Warfare 2 is in my opinion, one of the greatest games they ever made. Sniping was accurate, Grenade Launchers would get restocked with scavenger and there wasn't invisible walls over EVERY object. We can now just view the maps and that's about it, what are we paying for? To stare each other to deaths and see who can shoot faster? They will not even create sniper maps any more, where we can be hidden within the grass or climb huge buildings/towers. They keep nerfing the crap out of what made Call of Duty Great. And that was successful camping, traps that worked like claymores, etc. Now Engineer just reveals all devices through walls, EMP Grenades that can destroy Scorestreaks like Sentry Guns or Guardians unless you have a trophy system that isn't upstairs. And Nerf-finder aka Targetfinder is well.. just shows the extent of how low they got. Sure, increase the security against cheaters, but don't ruin the game by changing it due to complainers. Let them complain, they're just trolls that have a mission to ruin it for everybody.


      Well.. I've lost interest and I'm not looking forward to Call of Duty: Ghost

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          Re: How to make Call of Duty Better

          I actually tought u would give suggestions to make the game better.


          But you must remember this :

          -They may not use copyrighted stuff

          -There are demands from people/companys

          -They have limited money before the game is released (That brings in alot of money, to be spend on programmers to make the patches)

          -They need to put stuff in for the community. not just the pros.... Than the newbs wouldn't like it and bring in that extra cash for the next game right?

          -They need to balance it which is quite hard.

          -They intend to make stuff and than the community uses it the wrong way? Maybe theres a problem.

          -For more watch drift0r's video about building a game like call of duty. It will seriously be annoying to keep up with all the demands and stuff you would get when making a game like COD or BF

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            Re: How to make Call of Duty Better

            BO2 is set in 2025. This has a lot to do with the aspects of the game you don't like.

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              Re: How to make Call of Duty Better

              The problem, even though no one seems to realize this, is that Call of Duty, from Modern Warfare 2 through Black Ops II, is very different from what it was when Call of Duty 4 and World at War were around. Those games were simple, but then from Modern Warfare 2 onward, the developers over-complicated the multiplayer. In the older games, not everything had a counter. That is a major problem with these newer games. Almost everything has a counter, and you don't need that. The big things, such as air-support, need counters.

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                Re: How to make Call of Duty Better

                these games do get worse every year. Here's what they should do for ghost, if so i might think about buying it. They should make a gamemode something like barebones, just a few attachments for guns like red dot,ext mag,silencer. semtex & frag only. 1 single shot sidearm. and no more than 5 killstreaks to choose 5 7 & 9 kills to get. and only 2 perks for each category. no hardline no ghost no engineer. just go back to basics and this game would be so much fun playing like that. Now with all of the B.S. no way will I buy another COD game. When Metal Gear comes out the Cod franchise will be finished, You actually have to work as a team to win a game on Metal Gear.

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                    Re: How to make Call of Duty Better

                    Personally I think Black Ops 2 is the best Call of Duty since 4.


                    Treyarch, I just want you to take note. Keep 4 player splitscreen + bots in. Your map designs are good.


                    My group of friends is what you would call a CoD group. There are about 8 of us (each with their own copy of the game) and 5 of us bought the season pass. Due to Infinity Ward's decision to reduce splitscreen down to 2, now only 3 of us are actually getting the game. Just because of this gimped feature more than half of this group that has been buying CoD games every year is not buying the next one.


                    Please do not follow Infinity Ward's example. Keep the robust local multiplayer that CoD fans have grown to love and expect in with your next game.

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                    Re: How to make Call of Duty Better

                    It's simple.  BLOPS 1 and 2 had best story, but MW2 was the most intense of all multiplayers.  I think Hans Zimmer's scores of music played into the frantic action in multiplayer of MW2, besides the fact the maps were basic and fun.  I think Treyarch did a good job with maps in both BLOPS.  Both MW3 and Ghosts are horrible...both in story and multiplayer.


                    Treyarch, keep doing the great job your doing with story and multiplayer, and keep multiplayer maps the same design as you've always used, because they are BALANCED.  And try to hire Hans Zimmer to score the next game.  His music really adds a lot to games and movies.

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